November 15, 2023

2023 Women Leaders in Digital Health: Melissa Munro

Melissa Munro, Chief Operations Officer, Hero Care
Category: Emerging Professional

What sets Melissa apart is her deep understanding of the healthcare industry, rooted in her background as a bedside nurse. Her firsthand experience has enabled her to identify and tackle industry challenges with credibility and expertise. Melissa’s leadership style exudes confidence, which has played a crucial role in inspiring trust and motivation among her team and partners. In conclusion, Melissa’s outstanding leadership, innovative contributions, and advocacy for healthcare staffing improvements make her an exemplary candidate for the Women Leaders in Digital Health Awards 2023

Melissa Munro is an accomplished healthcare entrepreneur and registered nurse with exceptional leadership skills and innovative thinking. With two health degrees with honours from the University of Western Ontario, she founded several healthcare start-ups. Her most notable is Hero Care, a medical staffing platform that connects healthcare providers with facilities addressing nursing shortages. Hero Care has demonstrated an incredible growth rate, highlighting its innovation and value to the industry.

Melissa also co-founded HCP Diagnostics, a service that brings COVID-19 support to individuals, communities, and businesses. She leveraged previous experience and adapted to the unique demands of the pandemic to successfully establish a vital healthcare service, demonstrating business acumen and dedication to community well-being. She facilitated over 50 clinics for the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Program, providing support for the construction, film and essential travel industry and oversaw the nursing team for a Peel Region COVID-19 vaccination clinic where 14000 people were vaccinated. Melissa is an advocate for nurses’ well-being and thereby improving patient care.

She serves as a role model, mentoring other women interested in entrepreneurship. She was nominated for the 2023 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award and recently welcomed her first baby.