HIP Resources are available for download and use by health informatics professionals planning career advancement and human resources professionals looking for hiring guidance.

Health Informatics Professional Competencies

Digital Health Canada’s Health Informatics Professional Competencies identifies the knowledge and skill requirements within the seven domains presented in the Digital Health Canada Career Matrix and Health Informatics Courses.


Download the HIP Core Competencies wheel image (JPG)

HIP® Career Matrix

HIP® Career Matrix is an at-a-glance look at 100+ job titles in nine domains over five levels of mastery.


HI & HIM Human Resources Outlook 2014-2019

HI & HIM Human Resources Outlook 2014-2019 identifies what roles will be in demand and what training professionals will need in order to fill those roles.



HIP® Role Profiles

HIP® Role Profiles outlines the main responsibilities, core competencies, qualifications and more for 65 HI roles, based on analysis of 500+ existing jobs. Please log in as a Digital Health Canada member to download this member resource.