Prepare for the CPHIMS and CA Exams

Canadian Supplemental (CA) Practice Exam
Writing the CPHIMS-CA exam is the final step toward achieving the CPHIMS-CA credential. Exam writers must successfully pass both the CPHIMS and CA Exams to achieve certification. This Canadian Supplemental (CA) Practice Exam will give you a better understanding of the format and content of the final CA exam. Use this exercise as an opportunity to get comfortable with the exam writing process and to sharpen your digital health knowledge.


Resource Guide to Digital Health in Canada

The Resource Guide to Digital Health in Canada can be used to:

  • Assist with preparing for the Canadian Supplemental (CA) exam (content is applicable to exams starting April 2020)
  • Provide foundational knowledge in digital health to new and experienced professionals
  • Orient staff and stand as an ongoing reference for professional or academic development
  • Provide insight to vendors or interest groups currently facing challenges entering digital health
  • Supplement knowledge gaps that currently exist municipally and provincially due to varying terminology and knowledge of the field
  • Act as a resource for students and emerging professionals who are new or entering the field of digital health
  • Assist with standardizing processes carried out by individuals, teams, institutions and governing bodies

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Digital Health Canada Competency Requirements: Exam Version

Digital Health Canada Competency Requirements (Exam Version) clearly identifies the knowledge and skill requirements within five of the nine domains presented in the Digital Health Canada Career Matrix. The requirements found within each of these five domains are used to develop questions for the Canadian Supplemental (CA) exam that is administered in conjunction with the Certified Professional in Health Information Management and Systems (CPHIMS) exam. The CPHIMS-CA exam sets the standard of knowledge and experience for those at the proficient, expert or master levels of the Digital Health Canada Career Matrix. The purpose of this resource is to help individuals identify potential knowledge or skills gaps that may be tested on the exam. They are numbered to map out to the appropriate domain questions within the examination form and can be used with the Canadian (CA) Supplemental Exam Candidate Handbook. Note: Content is applicable to exams starting mid February 2024. 


Canadian (CA) Supplemental Exam Candidate Handbook

This useful guide includes information about eligibility, exam structure, exam content, and rules to follow during the CA Examination.


CPHIMS-CA Exam Review – CPHIMS-CA Canadian Health Informatics Review & Reference Guide

This comprehensive 150-page book is organized into five chapters corresponding to CA Exam content. Complementing the CPHIMS Review Guide, it covers competencies that require a higher level of understanding for the Canadian context. It has been revised extensively to reflect advances in HI and the corresponding new and expanded content of the revised CA Exam (content is applicable to CA exams written before April 2020).

ARCHIVED: Please contact if interested