What our members have to say

Photo of Mary Simchison

Digital Health Canada provides valuable information for members throughout the Canadian healthcare industry through a set of diverse educational courses. We enrolled our associates in the Digital Health Virtual Care certificate course, and it was well received by our associates and beneficial in their career growth.

Photo of Farrah Pirani
Farrah Pirani
Google Cloud

Healthcare has been a top priority of Google for many years. We’ve made it part of our mission to work with organizations like the [Digital Health Canada's] CHIEF Executive Forum to expand access to quality care and improve health outcomes across Canada.

Photo of Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones
Strata Health

Digital Health Canada and more specifically the CHIEF Executive Forum, provides a venue to discuss challenges, brainstorm solutions, and interact with peers at a senior level in Canadian Healthcare. The pan-Canada membership enables to group to share successes and failures which in turn advances digital health for all Canadians.

Photo of Scott McMillan
Scott McMillan
Cercle Groupe

The CHIEF Executive Forum is a safe place to listen to, reflect on and express difficult healthcare issues with other healthcare leaders and influencers. It allows me to ensure that Cercle Group is in-tune with the needs of the Canadian healthcare industry, and enables all members to express their points of view for an overall collective learning.

Mary Sanagan

The CHIEF Executive Forum provides me with the rare opportunity to meet with my peers in the industry across both public and private organizations to discuss the delivery of health services in a digital world.

Michael Savage

I’m honoured to have been given the opportunity by Digital Health Canada to advance their work on patient and family inclusion in health technology companies. This experience provided indispensable skill-building in terms of turning ideas into action, and also introduced me to a network of amazing subject matter experts from across Canada who share a vision of patients and families as authentic partners in the digital health ecosystem.

Omer Gulzar
Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

The Core HI Education Classes were quite helpful, especially since they came with a series of notes that helped organize the concepts from the CPHIMS review guide into a structured format. This proved to be an excellent resource for memorizing concepts and analyzing the current state of healthcare systems.

Sarah Hutchison

This Digital Health Canada event was excellent. Fast-paced, provocative and interesting array of engaging speakers. They delivered on a really great mix of future thinking and testing reality. The best however was that you could be new to the digital health or a seasoned veteran and be invigorated by the day!

Eyrin Tedesco
First Nations Health Authority

The [Digital Health Canada] educational content was incredibly in-depth and the level of detail brought forward by the instructors made it an excellent experience. The communication package was easy to follow and the structure of the event allowed me to work at a pace that complemented my full-time work.

Photo of Wendy Tegart
Wendy Tegart
Alberta Health Services

Digital Health Canada gives health informatics professionals a community to support the launch of innovative ideas and technology. The conferences, forums and committees allow our members to tap into a diverse community of experts for knowledge sharing.

Photo of Lynsey Turchet
Lynsey Turchet
TELUS Health

No matter what stage you are at in your career - whether you are someone just starting out, or a seasoned HI executive, there are so many opportunities within Digital Health Canada for professional growth and development.

Photo of Jacquelyn MacDonald
Jacquelyn MacDonald
Indigenous Services Canada

The CPHIMS-CA online experience was a unique and valuable opportunity. The depth and breadth of the program provided a stepping stone for my career development and my goal to achieve professional recognition and credential in HI.

Photo of Cindy Beloff-Draycott
Cindy Beloff-Draycott
Mackenzie Health

Being part of a professional association with well established, well regarded, influential professionals is important as we, as a professional community, promote and advance health information.

Photo of Shirlee Sharkey, Women Leaders in Digital Health 2017
Shirlee Sharkey, Women Leaders in Digital Health 2017
SE Health

For me, leadership in digital health is not about the glitzy gadgets or latest trends, but rather how we can harness the power of technology in tangible ways to positively impact the care and lives of people.