Guiding the development of the CHIEF Executive Forum program

The nine members of the CHIEF Executive Forum Advisory Committee work together to guide the development of CHIEF Executive Forum program content and approach in a manner that fosters a partnership between the executive and corporate members and improves the program’s influence.

2023 Advisory Committee


Elizabeth Keller
Elizabeth Nemeth
Healthtech Consultants
Julia Zarb
Board Representative
Keltie Jamieson
Public Sector
Kevin Jones
Strata Health Solutions
Marc Koehn
Megan Stowe
Vancouver Coastal Health
Dr. Tania Tajirian
Ted Scott
Hamilton Health Sciences

About the Advisory Committee

The CHIEF Executive Forum Advisory Committee consists of nine members—four Public Sector (Executive) Members and four Private Sector (Corporate) Members) plus one member of the Digital Health Canada Board Executive Committee. Advisory Committee members are elected for a two-year term and are then eligible for re-election for an additional term. Advisory Committee responsibilities include: