December 3, 2021

Optimizing Virtual Care in Alberta

From the Alberta Virtual Care Working Group:
Optimizing Virtual Care in Alberta

Edmonton, AB – The promise of virtual care is to promote improved, high-quality health services. Optimized virtual care involves sharing health information with both patients and those involved in their care, including family members, caregivers and health providers—individuals who often function under different policies, regulatory standards, locations, technology and legislation. Achieving a high level of quality virtual care in our province requires a deep level of policy, technical and workflow alignment across Alberta’s health sector.

The Alberta Virtual Care Working Group was established as a collaborative effort to develop a consensus policy framework for virtual care in Alberta. Membership in the Working Group is broad and includes government, health regulators, health authorities, professional associations, and Indigenous and patient representation.

  • The Alberta Virtual Care Working Group is proud to present this report to their partners in health care, which proposes:
  • Unifying Design Principles for virtual care in Alberta that uphold the delivery of quality care; and
  • A proposed cooperative virtual care oversight model, to support the delivery of the vision outlined in the Design Principles.

Optimizing Virtual Care in Alberta is a call for the re-imagination of digital health planning as a patient-centric, collaborative process, upholding the ideal that patient care is better served if partners in the health sector actively work together in virtual care design.

Optimizing Virtual Care in Alberta: Recommendations from the Alberta Virtual Care Working Group