March 27, 2024

New Healthcare App Whitepapers Available from Thrillworks

Thrillworks is pleased to announce the publication of two new whitepapers focused on healthcare app development.

Two Guides in One: How to Build Impactful Healthcare Apps for Long-Term Success & How to Choose the Right Tech Stack for Healthcare App Development

While healthcare app demand is rising, many struggle to maintain user engagement and adapt to consumer preferences. In fact, studies show that 53% of healthcare apps are uninstalled within 30 days of download.

Successful apps overcome these challenges by choosing the right tech stack for scalability and then focusing on delivering exceptional user experiences. Download our latest guides to learn the secrets to building a successful healthcare app, including:

  • Strategies for fostering deeper engagement and user loyalty
  • Techniques to streamline regulatory processes, simplify development, and reduce costs
  • The importance of cloud-native, SaaS, and IaaS technologies for scalability
  • Tips for creating user connections and supportive communities to enhance stickiness
  • Best frontend and mobile frameworks tailored to your project’s needs
  • Key considerations for backend and database infrastructure to ensure adaptability
  • How to customize your tech stack to align with requirements and objectives


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