September 7, 2021

Medical education website looking for health informatics experts


September 7, 2021 – HiQuiPs “Hiccups” – (Health Informatics, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety) is a free, open-access medical education website offering foundational material in the interrelated fields of Health Informatics, Quality Improvement, and Patient Safety. Material is posted online in via CanadiEM.

Since launching in 2018, HiQuiPs has garnered over 75,000+ page views. We were grateful to be awarded one of the top abstracts for medical education innovation at the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) Conference in May and the upcoming International Conference on Residency Education (ICRE) in October.  

While initial content was tailored to the ED setting, over the past year we have expanded our reach to include healthcare in general.  Our model includes partnering junior editors (students in the medical and/or health informatics fields) with content experts to create new content.

We are looking for health informatics experts interested in supervising a junior editor for future posts (maximum 1000 words). If you have any questions or would like to connect, please contact our health informatics lead Mobeen Lalani at