November 15, 2023

2023 Women Leaders in Digital Health: Cynthia McDowell

Cynthia McDowell, Co-founder and COO, WellIntel Talks
Category: Emerging Professional

Cynthia … is a rare leader who has the rigour, entrepreneurship, dedication and judgement to succeed in digital health and to impact healthcare professionals as well as consumers.

Cynthia McDowell studied Psychology as an undergraduate at Simon Fraser University. She then received her Masters of Science in Psychology from the University of Victoria, where she is currently completing her PhD in Experimental (Research) Psychology. Her research focuses on factors that promote or compromise healthy aging in later life, with an emphasis on predicting and preventing dementia. Cynthia is also an expert in statistical analysis and uses her statistical and coding knowledge to move the field of cognitive health research forward.

Beyond being a highly accomplished researcher-scientist, Cynthia recently co-founded, and is the Chief Operating Officer (July 2022 – Present), of a wellness education company, WellIntel Talks. WellIntel Talks provides an innovative solution to increase access to reliable, evidence-based mental health and wellness education by offering an online platform that connects community members with qualified and credible speakers. WellIntel Talks is a collective of professional speakers who provide high-quality, evidence-based, and engaging talks to the lay community (i.e., businesses, organizations, community groups) in order to increase access to mental health and wellness information and strategies. Cynthia is passionate about providing individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to take an autonomous role in their own health and wellness.