November 16, 2022

2022 Women Leaders in Digital Health: Dr. Dina Kulik

Dr. Dina Kulik, CEO, Kidcrew

[Dr. Kulik] is an outstanding clinician that consistently provides high-quality care to patients both in the acute setting within our Emergency Department as well as in the primary care and consulting setting in her private practice. During shifts in the Emergency, she is continually engaged in the training and education of medical students and resident physicians, and she sets the standard for physician collaboration and partnership with patients and their families.

Dr. Dina Kulik is a mother and pediatrician in Toronto, Ontario. Dr. Kulik completed her medical training at McMaster University, followed by her pediatrics residency and pediatric emergency medicine fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children. With a focus on superior patient outcomes and education, Dr. Kulik is one of Canada’s leading child health media experts, providing child health information to parents and the public through television, radio, and print media and via her thriving blog She is the founder and CEO of Kidcrew, a multidisciplinary clinic for kids’ health. Her goal is to provide excellent quality, accessible, and efficient care for children of all ages. Having all health and wellness services under one roof enables families to receive truly comprehensive and holistic care. Above all, Dr. Kulik’s greatest joy is her family and being the mom of four active, happy boys.

Kidcrew™ is the first of its kind—a forward-thinking clinic focusing on patient experience, family-centred care, and wellness for kids. By placing essential health services for children under one roof, Kidcrew is the One Stop for Kids’ Health™. Kidcrew provides medical services for children 0 to 18 years, offering general pediatric visits, a variety of subspecialties, and allied health services. Kidcrew provides comprehensive care for more than 70,000 kids across the province, with over 90,000 patient visits in 2021. Throughout the pandemic, Kidcrew clinicians worked together to ensure that any child in Ontario could be seen by our team. Our team provided thousands of non-Kidcrew patients with necessary care and immunizations to ensure ongoing care when many offices were closed, offering peace of mind for caregivers and reducing the need for hospital-based care. Our large mental health team helps combat the challenges children face during the pandemic. Kidcrew After-Hours and Virtual Care sees patients who would otherwise use an emergency room for non-emergency level care. Our clinicians see patients seven days a week, including evenings, weekends, and holidays. Kidcrew saw patients every single day in 2021. We are passionate about being available to our young patients when they need us most.