November 16, 2022

2022 Women Leaders in Digital Health: Angela Tibando

Angela Tibando, Executive Lead, Digital Excellence in Health, Ontario Health

Angela’s transparent, inclusive, and collaborative leadership style is the hallmark of her approach. Angela leads from the forefront, engaging with her peers across Ontario and Canada in a respectful dialog to achieve measurable results. Angela is a strong advocate for clinical and patient engagement in the design and implementation of digital solutions, ensuring positive user experience and utility of the solutions delivered.

Angela Tibando is a digital health leader with more than 25 years of experience in healthcare information management. She is responsible for the development and implementation of Ontario Health’s digital strategy, ensuring it aligns with the province’s Digital First for Health strategy. Angela is also responsible for delivering high-impact digital innovations to improve the patient and provider experience, as well as outcomes. Angela has dedicated her career to digitally enabling the health system across many sectors. She has held leadership roles in acute care teaching hospitals and in regional health care organizations and has led provincial-level initiatives including the inception of the ColonCancerCheck program, the Medication Management system and Ontario’s first paperless electronic prescribing pilot program. In her current role, Angela has formed a team of digital health leaders and specialists from 22 provincial agencies to enable Ontario Health’s mandate for integrated and coordinated health care through digital and virtual solutions. Angela holds an MBA from Athabasca University, has earned the Certified Professional in Healthcare and Information Management Systems (CPHIMS-CA) designation, and completed the executive leadership program at the Richard Ivey School of Business.

As the Executive Lead Digital Excellence in Health, Angela champions Ontario Health’s digital delivery. In the last twelve months, the continued exceptional pressures on Canadian healthcare systems has created an environment in need of rapid, agile, and incremental delivery – often with criticality for delivery within compressed timelines. More specifically, Ontario’s continued need to evolve digital assets to support COVID response and address system pressures for transition of care and Health Human Resources challenges has created adversity to overcome. Within the context of the above pressures, Angela has led digital transformation at both an Ontario Health agency organizational level, as well as a system level, enabling the provincial digital strategies of Ontario for both providers and patients. Angela’s leadership during adversity, execution and delivery focus has enabled the continued progression of Ontario’s Digital First for Health strategy, putting Ontario at the forefront of digital health delivery in Canada.

The achievements under Angela’s leadership are even more impressive when consideration is given that Ontario Health is still a nascent organization, having formed in 2019 and then immediately challenged by the COVID pandemic. Despite the external pressures, Angela has been able to establish a digital leadership and delivery team, having brought together the best of 22 agencies during a global health crisis. This team continues to deliver both operationally, supporting existing clinical mandates (e.g. Cancer, Renal, Mental Health and Addictions, and Electronic Health Record) as well as new strategic priorities to integrate the healthcare system, as articulated in this nomination submission.