May 21, 2024

Volunteer Spotlight: Raghuv Gupta

Emerging Professional Raghuv Gupta volunteered at the CHIEF Executive Forum Symposia and contributed his time to support the CHIEF Executive Forum Strategies Map Working Group.

I am grateful to be a volunteer for Digital Health Canada as it allows me to stay up to date on the latest information while actively supporting initiatives striving to improve the Canadian healthcare landscape. As an emerging professional, volunteering with Digital Health Canada has allowed me to connect with industry leaders, clinicians, and innovators to understand their unique perspective on the current state of digital health solutions while building my professional network.

About Raghuv

Hello, my name is Raghuv Gupta and I’m constantly looking for ways to stay up to date with latest advancements in the ever evolving field of digital health as I work towards finding my place in improving Canadian healthcare. Currently, I’m working at Niagara Health as an Application Analyst to enhance their quality of care through the implementation of the Oracle Health EMR. As a Master of Health Informatics graduate, this position has allowed me to apply my teachings and skills in assisting Niagara Health towards their goal of improving patient safety and clinician satisfaction.

The people that I have met in this field have greatly improved my professional development and I’m more than happy to pay that forward, so please feel free to reach out if you’d like to learn more about Niagara Health’s EMR implementation, my MHI experience, volunteering with Digital Health Canada, or simply just saying hello!

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