June 11, 2024

Volunteer Spotlight: Marlene Mann

Volunteer Marlene Mann, Alberta Health Services, has been a member of Digital Health Canada for over 10 years and has contributed her time and expertise as a member of the Exam Writing Committee.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to continuously learn about Digital Health practices across Canada and around the world. In volunteering with the Exam Item Writing Committee, I have met some amazing colleagues from across the nation. Creating thoughtful questions for each competency continues to expand my knowledge and keep it relevant. Conversations within the committee around how to meaningfully gauge the understanding of Health Informatics Professionals taking the CA portion of the CPHIMS-CA certification highlights the depth of knowledge and experience in this volunteer group. Volunteering within Digital Health Canada is a rewarding experience and fosters connections within the community.

About Marlene

I have had the opportunity to work in healthcare both in Canada and internationally throughout my nursing career. In 2004, I was introduced to health informatics and was hooked. Translating clinical workflows into a format consumable by an electronic health record was very different from bedside nursing but still interesting and challenging. How to make workflows more streamlined for clinicians continues to be one focus for me in addition to making a patient’s journey as seamless as possible. Implementing a large integrated electronic health record in two very large organizations has provided me with some of my most interesting learnings from both the standpoint of an electronic system and stakeholder engagement.

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