April 9, 2024

Volunteer Spotlight: Kelly Catherwood

Digital Health Canada volunteers like Kelly Catherwood are the backbone of our education program. Kelly volunteered as an instructor for the 2024 Health Informatics Winter Lecture Series, delivering content for the session on The Canadian Healthcare System.

I enjoyed being a part of the Lecture Series, as it allowed me to go back to my roots and revisit some concepts that I haven’t looked at in such depth since undergrad, but also reflect on how my career has taken shape and gave me pause to see how impactful our sector is on Canadians. It was a very fulfilling experience starting from the beginning when I was reviewing the content, to presenting to the engaging group of participants.

I’ve had great connections and expanded my network with the participants after my session. It was also fantastic having Nickiesha as a moderator, but more importantly as a guide throughout the process.

About Kelly

Since joining Interior Health in 2015, Kelly has held roles in population health, quality improvement, and health system planning,. She has worked directly with healthcare workers within acute and community settings, and also within corporate teams developing strategy and initiatives for the entire population. Originally from Ontario, Kelly has a BA in Community Health from Brock University, and various post-graduate specialty certifications including most recently from Simon Fraser University in Digital Transformation Leadership.

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