June 25, 2024

Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Selena Davis

Since 2005, Dr. Selena Davis has created numerous opportunities to volunteer in varying capacities with Digital Health Canada (formally COACH); as well as attend, present, and moderate sessions and panels at each of the annual e-Health conferences. Earliest volunteer efforts included leading pre-conference workshops to bridge industry and academia as a Founding Member & Chair of the Student Collaborative in Health Informatics.

For years, Dr. Davis served on both the e-Health Conference Abstract and Program Committees. She provided instruction within Canadian Health Informatics Professionals’ Prep course, offering virtual presentations of exam sections as preparation for colleagues across the country to take the exam. Dr. Davis served on task forces to drive Privacy & Security Guidelines for Patient Portals, Virtual Care in Canada, and Shared Information Governance in Canada. Most recently, volunteer undertakings have been as a member of the CPHIMS-CA exam item writing committee, establishing exam questions.

As a volunteer, the rewards are plentiful and meaningful—you have the personal satisfaction of contributing and learning from your volunteer experiences, engaging with digital health leaders from across the country and beyond who are at the forefront of digital health research, innovation, and transformation of health systems, and earning credits towards maintaining your CPHIMS-CA certification. I am grateful for the long lasting friendships and connections in every province in Canada.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to continuously learn about Digital Health practices across Canada and around the world. In volunteering with the Exam Item Writing Committee, I have met some amazing colleagues from across the nation. Creating thoughtful questions for each competency continues to expand my knowledge and keep it relevant. Conversations within the committee around how to meaningfully gauge the understanding of Health Informatics Professionals taking the CA portion of the CPHIMS-CA certification highlights the depth of knowledge and experience in this volunteer group. Volunteering within Digital Health Canada is a rewarding experience and fosters connections within the community.

Selena is passionate about empowering citizens in health and wellness within an integrated digital healthcare ecosystem and the use of optimal care workflows, intelligent clinical tools, and information technologies to improve care and outcomes. Her PhD in Health Informatics focused on design and implementation of personal health records for shared decision-making. She brings a depth and breadth of knowledge, skills, and experiences to her professional and academic work in digital health.

Volunteering builds experience, contributes to your professional development and learning, and helps you expand your network.