January 31, 2022

Virtual Care for Urgent and Emergency Care Departments

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing innovative and patient-friendly healthcare solutions, Savience has launched a virtual urgent care platform.

Patients access a secure appointment booking website (typically from the hospital’s own website) and are asked to provide information relating to their current situation.

If the patient meets the agreed criteria (as set out by the clinical team) and therefore deemed to be of lower medical acuity, they can proceed to book an appointment time for a virtual consultation with a member of the ED or urgent care team.

The Clarity dashboard displays a list of all booked patients and any details captured during the booking process are available to view via the dashboard.

The availability and management of the virtual care appointments remains within the local control of the hospital, so staff can update schedules based on resources and demand as they see fit.

Patients are sent text reminders upon booking and join the video appointment using a unique link that is contained in the SMS.

From the hospital side, the clinician views the dashboard to see when a patient has joined and is waiting. The Clarity user can initiate the consultation simply by clicking the video icon next to the patient in question.

After the video consultation has ended the clinician can use the integrated outcome form to record their notes and any follow up actions and these are stored against the patient record in Clarity and can be made available to other clinical systems either via messaging, RPA scripting, or reporting.

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