Working Group on Defining Virtual Care in Canada

The CHIEF Executive Forum Virtual Care Working Group created two important resources.

Maturity Model Framework

Virtual Care in Canada: Maturity Model Framework enables enable organizations, jurisdictions, and institutions to identify where they find themselves on the virtual health journey and what steps they need to take to improve their performance



Virtual Care in Canada: Lexicon accompanies the maturity model and provides a foundational, common language for virtual care planning across and between jurisdictions and sectors.



This paper is the outcome of the Digital Health Canada CHIEF Executive Forum Virtual Care Working Group. Production of this paper would not have been possible without the participation of the following people, whose help is gratefully acknowledged here.

Keltie Jamieson (Lexicon Lead), Nova Scotia Health Authority
Gillian Sweeney (Maturity Model Lead), NLCHI
Chris Carvalho, Edmonton Health City
Jonathan Choy, Alberta Health Services
Karim Jessa, The Hospital for Sick Children
Elizabeth Keller, OntarioMD
Karen Macauley, CHEO
Scott McMillan, Cercle Group
Alvaro Mestre, Canada Health Infoway
Andrea Moser, Baycrest
Maria Muia, Baycrest
Anne O’Riordan, Patient and Family Experience Advisor
Justin Saindon, Southlake Regional Health Centre
Kyle Schilke, AWS
Jennifer Shiels, Horizon Health Network
Larry Sylvestre, AWS
Dave Wattling, CHIEF Advisory Committee

The following emerging professionals (individuals in the first five years of their digital health careers) offered invaluable support.

Julie Zasada, Operations Business Analyst & Trainer, Saint Elizabeth Health Care
Kirat Klair, Project Analyst, Ontario Medical Association
Nadisha Xavier, Project Analyst, University Health Network
Swetha Chakravarthy, Achev
Ashley Dinn, NLCHI
Diana Dini, Markham Stouffville Hospital
Kunj Joshi, CIHI
Helen Lang, OntarioMD