Terri LeFort

We joined CHIEF Executive Forum to learn from our industry colleagues who are also working to improve healthcare. This exchange of ideas and best practices is extremely valuable as we navigate complex challenges with our client partners. It’s nice to have the space to discuss and learn from others who may be facing similar obstacles. We value the relationships we’ve built with fellow members over the years.

I started in healthcare over 30 years ago, working as a registered nurse. After 15 years at the bedside, I moved into management. At the time, a few major health IT initiatives were in their infancy across the country. I led several implementations and initiatives that included everything from provincial reporting systems to implementing electronic tools within clinical environments. That work sparked my interest in digital health – specifically, in informatics. It’s also what eventually brought me to Healthtech. I started as a consultant and today I hold the role of President. I chose to work in digital health/health IT consulting because of the impact of the work we do. With every engagement, we’re improving the lives of patients and their families by enabling organizations to use innovative technologies. It’s really rewarding to guide leaders through a successful implementation – getting them to a place where their providers and staff are effectively using technology and data to enhance care delivery.

At Healthtech, we’re passionate about improving healthcare and believe digital health plays an important role in realizing this vision. We also believe an organization’s digital health platform should be designed with its unique people and processes in mind. That’s why we’ve put together a cross-functional team of data, operational, and clinical experts to help healthcare leaders get data where it needs to be, automate intelligently, and empower end users with insights. Our ultimate goal with every digital health project is to enable innovative and efficient care for our client partners.

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