Scott McMillan

CHIEF is a safe place to listen and express difficult healthcare issues with other healthcare leaders and influencers. It allows me to reflect and assure that Cercle Group is in-tune with the needs of the Canadian healthcare industry and enables all members to express their points of view for an overall collective learning. CHIEF equally aligns with my belief on the importance of a life of continuous learning. CHIEF members constitute an intelligent group that I admire, and I greatly appreciate the learnings that I take away from every event. And, of course, CHIEF serves as a great time-out from daily operational challenges. It’s truly a fresh experience, every time!

Interestingly, my journey started at a very young age; I grew up in hospitals as my mother was a nurse and, later, became a Director of Nursing at a Montreal hospital. As a University student studying Biochemistry, my interest in healthcare grew and I began working in hospitals as both an Operating Room Technician and as a Patient Custodian in mental health wards. A while after, after completing my MBA, I began working for what was at the time a big 8 consulting company. My prior experience in healthcare, as well as my educational experience, equipped me for understanding both the technical challenge and the business concerns I was facing. Still, I always had a soft spot for healthcare. I continued working within the business world in technology areas (from SMB’s to a Norwegian multinational) until ultimately returning to healthcare as a consultant in the area of healthcare document management, dealing with software applications that automate the “paper world” of healthcare… Years later, I took the plunge and co-founded Cercle Groupe in Montreal, Quebec with a fully bilingual team.

Cercle Group is the Canadian system integrators for Quest Diagnostics’ fully Integrated Enterprise Content Solutions system. We have an experienced Canadian team including industry professionals with over 20 years of expertise, and have worked closely with Quest Diagnostics for years, offering Professional Services including project management at the level of implementation and application enhancement, consultation and coaching toward the efficient use of Enterprise Content Solutions, training in the administration and control of Enterprise Content Solutions, and in-house development of electronic forms and workflows. Cercle Group is also the Canadian channel partner for Apollo Enterprise Imaging, offering professional services in the areas of enterprise imaging and clinical multimedia management. In short, Cercle Group focuses on the clinical operational aspects of integrating multiple hospital information systems by optimizing business processes and workflows, in both clinical and healthcare administrative environments. Most recently, understanding and appreciating the ongoing importance of continuously growing your knowledge, I’ve completed studies in Artificial Intelligence technologies with MIT.

Cercle Group aspires to improve the healthcare experience of the individual from a digital perspective – this includes patients, clinicians and administrators alike – all while advancing national hospital technology standards and offering top-performing solutions for common obstacles. This includes assisting in accessing and using patient data; knocking down the healthcare silos and the walls of inter-provincial sharing of health care projects and experiences; making the patient the center of their journey; using AI to more efficiently manage and predict healthcare outcomes; and using our operational clinical experience to improve the success of deployments in healthcare technology projects.

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