Peter Jones

As we work together to build and transform healthcare it is important to come together as an industry to help shape and modernize the Canadian healthcare system. Bringing together key technology vendors and health executives helps align, share and influence the necessary changes to improve our health system in Canada. CHIEF helps bring organizations together and challenges every member to share ideas and work together as a health community to improve health for all Canadians. I am continually learning from my peers and have a better understanding of the top priorities and challenges we all face to help modernize our healthcare system.

I currently lead the strategy Microsoft Health industry initiatives in Canada, including defining and articulating the Microsoft vision for the future of Healthcare, and how Microsoft products, technologies and partner solutions will make it a reality. My background and career has been mainly focused in channel alliances, sales, digital strategies and business management. I have worked for a number of large technology companies starting with Computerland in the late 80’s selling PC’s and services. I then moved on to work for a number of large technology organization like Xerox, Digital, Compaq and for the past 20+ years at Microsoft. In building my career I realized that working in Public Sector allowed me to make a greater impact in society rather than just helping corporations become more profitable. The journey then exposed me to healthcare and I quickly realized that health was one of the least automated industries and lagged other industries in the use of technology, this was the place for me! I have spent the last 10+ years as the Industry Lead for healthcare in Canada. Helping shape and modernize the Canadian healthcare system through better Digital health is a passion for me. I am actively involved in a number Health Informatics groups like Digital Health Canada, CHIEF (advisor), and active ITAC health board member to better networ, learn from others and share with ideas with other industry leaders.

We know that technology has a role to play in accelerating progress for solutions to address healthcare concerns and challenges. Looking ahead, we expect to see healthcare organizations continue to use newly implemented technology tools throughout the Covid-19 recovery period and into the new normal. Companies that need to accelerate their digital transformation during this time will continue to rely on trusted partners who can support their trust, security, and technology adoption into the future. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare will make it easier for them to remain agile and focus on what they do best—delivering better experiences, insights, and care.

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