Kevin Jones

CHIEF provides a venue to discuss challenges, brainstorm solutions, and interact with peers at a senior level in Canadian Healthcare. The pan Canada membership enables to group to share successes and failures which in turn advances digital health for all Canadians.

My career started with SHS out of university answering support calls, where I developed a compassion for healthcare workers and their advocacy for patients. I saw the value that technology could bring to healthcare and spent some time working on the pure technology side.  Though this was rewarding, I really missed working directly with healthcare workers. After that, I moved to software implantations, where I learned I had a passion for helping solve the complex problems that result from implementing large scale software solutions. I have since become more and more involved with digital health as my role grew through management at Strata health, working to increase the value of technology in healthcare. I am currently the Vice President of Client Development and Strategic Partnerships at SHS which allows me to focus on the high level challenges faced by our health care system and working directly with the other technology innovators in the industry on how to solve these challenges.

Strata Health has always been focused on improving patient care, reducing healthcare costs, and helping healthcare workers through the use of technology. This vision has lined up directly with my passion for digital health and has enabled me to become part of organizations like Digital Health Canada, CHIEF, and ANHIX as well as travelling internationally to work with health systems beyond our countries borders.

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