Jeff Kavanagh

Prior to co-founding Ocean, I spent 15 years in various enterprise software verticals. Compared to other industries, I could see that the Canadian digital health landscape was rife with disconnected data silos, and that both patients and providers were losing out in an otherwise increasingly connected world. We started Ocean to connect patients and providers via cloud-based software that could talk to the major EMR systems in Canada, and we focused on making stuff that would be useful in a real clinical environment, guided by my brother Doug who is a practicing physician and wrote an EMR in a past life.

Our mission at OceanMD is to connect healthcare providers and patients to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare in Canada. That means dedication to interoperability, not just via technical specs, but also a business model that promotes partnerships, open APIs and responsible data governance. Patients own their data, and we are stewards of it, so we have a moral and social obligation to ensure their data moves around the system, safely and securely, to the sole benefit of the patient.

The CHIEF Executive Forum is an opportunity to work alongside other leaders in the Canadian digital health space. The challenges ahead for our country will require innovation that is bigger than any one company. Collaboration between companies is critical and the CHIEF Executive Forum is an opportunity to share perspectives and experiences towards such collaboration.

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