Mark McAllister

We believe there is tremendous value in the CHIEF Executive Forum and its ability to bring people from across the healthcare spectrum together. We want to be in the room where conversations about building a strong, connected Canadian healthcare system are happening, learning from and collaborating with peers from across the country. And we believe there is value to bringing our expertise in healthcare IT, interoperability, and more to the group.

Following my undergraduate degree in Computer Science, I was working in the digital health sector as a consultant to a government health department for approximately seven years. In that role, I witnessed all of the investments that were being made into the healthcare system, yet became frustrated when trying to get care for my own young family. I saw the digital health sector as a place where I could make a big difference. VeroSource was founded with the goal of empowering people and unlocking the potential in digital healthcare, and this remains our company’s vision to this day.

VeroSource’s vision statement is “We will empower people and unlock the potential in digital healthcare.” Since 2014, we have worked to execute on this vision. Our solutions focus on enabling secure access to healthcare data and we have been able to empower people by putting healthcare data in their hands. We look forward to supporting our vision with patients, clinicians, decision-makers, and more as we continue to grow and expand across Canada.

In addition to our digital health solutions, VeroSource supports healthcare in our communities by donating resources (both volunteer hours and funds) to causes including Meals on Wheels, local food banks, youth sports, and more.

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