Kathryn Seeley

I look forward to working more closely with the CHIEF Executive Forum leaders in Canada including our clients and partners. I look forward to bringing ideas to the forum, and bringing feedback to TELUS Health in order that we can continue to bring incremental value to Canada’s health care community.

When I joined TELUS many moons ago, I had the opportunity to support an initiative to bring internet connectivity to rural communities in British Columbia in partnership with the Government of BC. This led to early telehealth deployments and evolved to my involvement in transformative new deployments of remote patient monitoring, personal health records, interoperability solutions and virtual care in Canada. I realized how gratifying it is to make an impact on the lives of Canadians.

TELUS Health’s vision is “to be the most trusted wellbeing company in the world.” This is an inspirational goal and it originates in our important work in Canada. In order to achieve our vision TELUS Health continues to invest in new digital health solutions that will improve the lives of Canadians; enabling seniors to live comfortably in their homes; empowering citizens with access to their personal health data; providing virtual and physical mental health supports and improving health system interoperability. TELUS Health supports my dedication through listening to the feedback I provide from our clients and adapting to the digital health needs in Canada.

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