March 2, 2023

Feeding the Digital Health Revolution: White Paper Download

Feeding the Digital Health Revolution: How government can help small private companies transform health care in Canada.

While the health care landscape in Canada is constantly evolving, professionals and patients alike face challenges in accessing patient data.

Both SMEs and the government can work together to support the Canadian health care system solve data-sharing challenges.

This white paper from MEDIC at Mohawk College explores methods of data sharing in the current system, the impact those outdated technologies have on people using health care services, and what changes need to happen in the digital health sector, which have the potential to revolutionize healthcare in Canada. These changes are crucial to improve health outcomes and reduce costs for patients and the healthcare system as a whole.

What you’ll get in this free white paper:

  • The role of data in health care.
  • The role of private SMEs in digital health innovation.
  • How can government help data challenges?

Visit the Mohawk College website at the link below to download this white paper. Mohawk College is a Digital Health Canada member.