November 23, 2023

Digital Health Week 2023: A Journey of Collaboration and Innovation

This past week has been nothing short of extraordinary.

As I reflect on Digital Health Week 2023 (#ThinkDigitalHealth), I’m thankful for the many remarkable experiences and connections made across Canada.

From BC to Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Quebec, the past ten days have been filled with amazing experiences, member outreach, and stakeholder engagement opportunities. Each region brought a unique perspective, fantastic connections with amazing people, and rich learning experiences and discussions.

Digital Health Canada Breakfast in Saskatchewan

The Digital Health Canada breakfast in Regina was a highlight. The energy and passion for digital health as an enabler for care in remote communities was felt from presenters and participants alike. It was a pleasure to engage with many members in Saskatchewan and discuss the future potential for remote care, education, training, and more.

Infoway Partnership Conference in BC

Partnership brought together leaders from across Canada for discussions on interoperability and digital health innovation. It was from the Partnership podium that the announcements of the Digital Health Canada Women Leaders Award recipients and the inaugural Digital Health Canada Fellows were made. The closing keynote presented by Helene Campbell was powerful. Helene shared her courageous and inspiring story—and delivered a powerful message as a leader and advocate for organ donation.

Digital Health Canada Board Meeting

Our Digital Health Canada board meeting in Vancouver was productive, collaborative, and engaging. Being together in-person for a full-day session helped us further our mission to connect, empower, and inspire those enabling digital healthcare in Canada. Our board members are outstanding leaders and champions for the association and our members, and the digital health ecosystem in Canada.

Deep Space Healthcare Challenge in Quebec

As a jury member for the Impact Canada Deep Space Healthcare Challenge, it was fascinating to explore innovative healthtech solutions for remote communities and future space missions. The outstanding presentations from all five finalists provided a glimpse into the future of healthcare (on earth and in space). Congratulations to Canadian Space Agency on an exciting set of announcements yesterday!

Overall, the week was a journey in forging trusted relationships, learning, and sharing insights. It’s exciting to envision the future of digital health alongside such a diverse group of dedicated professionals across Canada.

I am grateful for the experiences of this week and excited for what lies ahead. Let’s continue to collaborate and innovate together.

Mark Casselman,
CEO, Digital Health Canada
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