An interactive, trusted environment for senior professionals.

CHIEF Executive Forum provides a space for senior professionals and leaders in digital health and healthcare to collaborate, exchange best practices, address professional development needs, and offer their expertise in setting the agenda for the effective use of information and technology to improve health and healthcare in Canada.

Both private and public sector organizations are invited to join CHIEF as either Corporate (private sector) or Executive (public sector) Members. Networking between CHIEF Corporate Members and CHIEF Executive Members, among whom are Canada’s foremost healthcare executives, contributes to a free-flow of innovative ideas, lasting professional ties, and invaluable business relationships.

Who joins CHIEF?

Membership in CHIEF Executive Forum is for individuals who influence or set the direction for IM/IT/HI clinical decision-making in the healthcare community; members are usually the highest ranking executive responsible for Information Technology, Information Management, or Health Informatics.

Included among our members are those who oversee major divisions/areas within a large health services or corporate healthcare-related organization or region and are responsible for policy, strategy, delivery, or key provider groups as well as senior healthcare IT leaders, senior healthcare strategy professionals, and industry leaders.

See full membership criteria here.


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