April 25, 2023

CHIEF Executive Forum 2023 Advisory Committee

The CHIEF Executive Form 2023 Advisory Committee Election ended Friday, April 21.

From the eight leaders who expressed interest in filling five available Advisory Committee seats, voters selected Elizabeth Keller (AWS), Liz Nemeth (Healthtech Consulting), and Kevin Jones (Strata Health) to fill the seats for the private sector; Dr. Tania Tajirian (CAMH) and Ted Scott (Hamilton Health Science) will fill the seats for the public sector. 

The members thank outgoing Advisory Committee members Alisa Simon (Kids Help Phone), Jonathan Choy (Alberta Health), and Scott McMillan (Groupe Cercle Group) for contributing their time and expertise to the CHIEF membership community.

What is the CHIEF Executive Forum Advisory Committee?

The CHIEF Executive Forum Advisory Committee consists of nine members—four Public Sector (Executive) Members and four Private Sector (Corporate) Members) plus one member of the Digital Health Canada Board Executive Committee. Advisory Committee members are elected for a two-year term and are then eligible for re-election for an additional term. Advisory Committee responsibilities:

  • Guide the development of CHIEF Executive Forum program content and approach in a manner that fosters a partnership between the executive and corporate members and improves the program’s influence
  • Actively participate in the promotion of the program as a key component in the advancement of the healthcare IT sector
  • Assist in the identification of appropriate target candidates for recruitment as members
  • Assist in the identification of potential value-add partnerships and/or liaisons with other organizations that can facilitate in the advancement of the program’s goals and purpose
  • Contribute to the improvement of the program by providing feedback and evaluation of the program’s activities on a regular basis
  • Evaluate and approve exception-based membership requests on the basis of merit to the program’s interests and diversity of market interests
  • Regularly attend Advisory Committee meetings and other program activities (i.e. symposia and other events)

Please visit the Advisory Committee webpage to learn more about the CHIEF Executive Forum Advisory Committee. Please contact CHIEF if you have any questions about the election.