Guidelines for CHIEF Executive Forum membership

Membership in CHIEF Executive Forum is for individuals who influence or set the direction for IM/IT/HI clinical decision-making in the healthcare community; members are usually the highest-ranking executive responsible for Information Technology, Information Management, or Health Informatics.

Included among our members are those who oversee major divisions/areas within a large health services or corporate healthcare-related organization or region and are responsible for policy, strategy, delivery, or key provider groups as well as senior healthcare IT leaders, senior healthcare strategy professionals, and industry leaders.

Member sectors/organizations
  • Federal entity (CEO)
  • Provincial ministry
  • Public healthcare agency
  • Health services delivery organization
  • Hospital/acute care facility
  • Ambulatory facility
  • Primary care and/or home healthcare
  • Specialty hospital or service (e.g. Paediatrics, Geriatrics, Cancer, Mental Health)
  • National or provincial association representing key provider groups
  • Corporation
  • Non-governmental organization (NGO)

The healthcare community includes delivery systems, payor/insurance organizations, clinics, provider groups, diagnostic facilities, and other healthcare-related organizations. Because of the rapidly changing healthcare landscape, these criteria serve as primary guidelines which may evolve as industry and IS strategies change.

Member roles
  • Highest ranking IM/IT/HI/Innovation/Analytics/Digital Health Executive
  • CHIEF Medical Information Officer
  • Chief Nursing Information Officer
  • Regional, market area, or facility level IM/IT/HI Innovation/Analytics/Digital Health Executive responsible for overall service delivery and budget accountability
  • IT executives who are not corporate CIOs but have regional or facility-level CIOs reporting directly to them OR Corporate Senior IT Executives.
Member responsibilities
  • Has overall IT leadership responsibility. Additional duties may include telecommunications, medical records, management engineering, innovation, analytics.
  • Leads organization’s IT strategy


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