I am an experienced facilitator, a passionate public sector innovator, a highly-skilled qualitative researcher, a community organizer, and a digital health enthusiast. Working on projects and products that leverage technology to improve health outcomes while empowering patients with access to their personal health information is my jam! I’ve worked on large scale consumer health and clinical information digital product development, roadmapping, service rollout, and operations in the public sector, specifically around personal health records, electronic health records, and integration with tethered patient portals. I would love the opportunity to leverage my skills and experience to contribute to the field of digital health at the national strategic level while supporting and empowering the Digital Health Canada community of members through active engagement.

My professional experience includes working on implementing Alberta’s provincial personal health record service, MyHealth Records (MHR), its integration with the provincial health authority’s patient portal, and ongoing product enhancements such as record sharing, secure messaging, rapid access registration, the Children’s COVID-19 Test Results Lookup tool, starting work on a new client framework, the MHR mobile application, public access to all lab test results, diagnostic imaging reports., and other upcoming releases that expand Albertans’ access to their personal health information. I understand the dependencies of successful clinical and consumer health implementations including privacy and security, technical and business readiness, change management, training, operational support, and clinical stakeholder relationship management and outreach. In my personal time I am a passionate community builder and organizer; I am currently an active Board Director on the Emerging Health Leaders Edmonton Node and Alberta Network for Health Information eXchange boards, where mentorship, community collaboration, and creating positive and fulfilling professional and educational experiences for members are key to our success.

I have been a Digital Health Canada member for 1 year.

Why do you want to join the Digital Health Canada Board of Directors at this point in your career?
I am now at the point in my digital health career and leadership journey where I feel that I can actively, effectively, and strategically contribute my experience and expertise to support the development of the current and next generation of digital health professionals and leaders in the Digital Health Canada community as well as the strategic direction of digital health in Canada. I believe that serving the Digital Health Canada membership community through a position on the board creates opportunities to collaborate with a broad set of digital health professionals – from industry, to the public sector, to academia – as we are often tackling similar goals from varying perspectives. Continuous learning and professional growth is of utmost importance to me, and I feel that serving the Digital Health Canada Board of Directors and membership community enables me to both consume and contribute to the continuous learning and professional growth of DHC’s community of professionals.

How does your experience align with the Digital Health Canada strategic plan and mandate?
Empowerment is an overarching theme in DHC’s 2023-2026 Strategic Goals and Objectives. Empowerment is also an overarching theme in my everyday work: empowering and inspiring patients and everyday Albertans to take a more active role in managing their health and wellness. Empowerment is also an overarching theme in the volunteer service I provide to health professionals in my local community. A large part of why I choose to serve as a Board Director on both the Emerging Health Leaders Edmonton Node and Alberta Network for Health Information eXchange Society boards aligns with DHC’s goals of connecting networks of professionals, inspiring members and the professional community, and empowering members through various professional development and educational opportunities. I am passionate about building and supporting the growth of the next generation of health leaders in my community, and I believe serving the DHC Board of Directors would enable me to leverage my experience in this area. Additionally, I was pleased to see a specific callout to Equity in DHC’s strategic plan and mandate; I am equally passionate about creating equitable, diverse, and strong professional communities and experiences for those I serve.
What unique skills, perspectives and contributions would you bring to the Digital Health Canada Board?
Since I have described my professional skills and experience across the other questions, I would like to focus on the approach and perspective I take in my work, volunteer board appointments, and community building and organizing efforts. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging and applying an intersectional lens are at the forefront of everything I do. My lived experience as an individual who has experienced personal, professional, and educational marginalization drives my persisting desire to create welcoming, equitable, and accessible environments and experiences for the communities I serve in work and life. Raising awareness and acknowledging privilege and power dynamics in these spaces is necessary and can be extremely uncomfortable for many involved. However, I have the experience and tools to navigate this discomfort in order to achieve consensus in service of creating equitable outcomes for the communities I contribute to and in my everyday work.
Do you or have or have you ever had any direct patient care experience (clinical)?


What segments within the Digital Health Canada community do you feel you will best represent?
  • Emerging Professionals
  • IM/IT Practitioners
  • Leaders
With which Digital Health Canada committees, task groups or activities have you volunteered in past five years?
While I have not yet volunteered on a Digital Health Canada committee or task group, I have wanted to; I feel that serving as a DHC Board Director will enable me to leverage my vast experience in community building and organizing, and professional development and educational event organization, sponsorship acquisition, execution, facilitation, and moderation to contribute to endeavours such as Digital Health Canada’s eHealth Tradeshow and conference planning committee as well as the ongoing webinars.
What other board appointments or relevant leadership experiences have you had in the past five years?
I currently serve on the Emerging Health Leaders (EHL) Edmonton Node’s Board of Directors; I have served this Board for 2 years. My primary focus is on building and leveraging relationships with key health sector organizations and leaders in Alberta to support EHL’s Edmonton’s successful Mentorship Program, which deals with programming and events related to building the next generation of health leaders through network-building as well as through developing educational and professional development events and opportunities. I am also actively involved in building partnerships within the community in service of acquiring sponsorship and community support for EHL programming. I was also recently appointed to the Alberta Network for Health Information eXchange board (ANHIX), which is comprised of professionals who are advancing high quality healthcare, improved patient experience and outcomes across Alberta through emerging healthcare technology.

Why do you feel Digital Health Canada members should vote for you?
I believe that the election of a professionally and individually diverse Board of Directors leads to successful outcomes for community membership and execution of organizational strategy. While I understand the importance of having incredibly established and well-known individuals in positions of authority, there is also great value in opening up a seat at the table to lesser-known individuals like me: I am a mid-career professional with a lived experience that includes several instances of defying expectations and breaking through systemic barriers. I have a strong commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for all, and I am eager to contribute my experience, passion, vision, and dedication to advancing the mission Digital Health Canada and contributing to the digital health field. Connect with me on LinkedIn if you would like to chat or learn more about me!

Do you currently hold the Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems-Canada (CPHIMS-CA) credential?
I am committed to achieving my CPHIMS-CA.

Educational background
  • Master of Arts, Humanities Computing, University of Alberta (2016)
  • Master of Library and Information studies, University of Alberta (2016)
  • Bachelor of Arts, English and Sociology, University of Alberta (2009)