Duska Kennedy is the Vice President of Strategy, Digital Health and Chief Digital Officer at North York General Hospital. Duska is a national health system leader and is focused on spearheading innovative digital technology solutions that transform the way we work and provide a connected care experience to the communities she serves.

She is deeply passionate about exploring innovative ways to transform the patient and provider experience. She has a strong background in healthcare strategy and operations management with over 20 years of health care information management and information technology (IM/IT) experience. Before joining NYGH, Duska held several senior leadership roles at the University Health Network. She has developed significant expertise in strategic planning, stakeholder engagement and team building. She also brings detailed experience analyzing strategic options, recommending strategies for implementing change and acting as a catalyst to help put these strategies into action. She has a rich experience of designing and implementing digital health solutions such patient portals, health information systems, digital patient identity, remote patient monitoring and most recently artificial intelligence capabilities across a variety of health sectors.

Duska has managed numerous large-scale health care systems implementations, led strategic planning efforts in the acute, community and oncology sectors and held operational leadership roles at several healthcare organizations.

Duska holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts, Honors Business Administration from The Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University.

Duska has been a Digital Health Canada Member for more than 8 years.

Why do you want to join the Digital Health Canada Board of Directors at this point in your career?

I am thrilled at the opportunity to join the Digital Health Canada Board of Directors now because of my extensive experience in the field, particularly through leadership in digital health across the acute, primary and community sectors in Ontario. As an active participant in Digital Health Canada over the last decade, I believe it has greatly benefited my growth as a digital health leader and I see this as an exciting opportunity to give back to the organization, my peers and support emerging digital health leaders in this exciting field. At this point in my career, I am passionate about advancing digital health initiatives and believe I can offer valuable insights and lived experience to drive positive change. I have seen how innovative technologies can directly impact patients’ lives. From remote monitoring to personalized treatment plans, these advancements not only enhance the patient experience but also empower patients to take greater control over their health journey. By contributing to this board, it would provide me with the opportunity to amplify my impact and learning to a national scale. Finally, I would also welcome the opportunity to strengthen my network and help forge new peer and vendor connections to drive change in the communities I serve locally.

How does your experience align with the Digital Health Canada strategic plan and mandate?

Excellence for Members

  • As a long-standing Digital Health Canada member, I can share ideas for innovative new virtual member offerings and improvement opportunities for in-person events
  • As an academic digital health instructor at the University of Toronto and my role leading digital health planning at a regional community level, I can identify opportunities to expand the network across new healthcare settings and to new sectors (e.g., research and education)
  • I will share my learnings from key strategic partnerships that I have developed in my Chief Digital Officer role and help solicit opportunities for additional external funding support

Acting for Equity

  • I believe my experience in fostering trusting and reciprocal relationships will be crucial in reaching out to groups that may currently be underrepresented within Digital Health Canada. For example, I have been a committed mentor in KPMG’s Network of Women in the GTA.
  • I was also the digital health equity lead at North York General that introduced the new provincial health equity measurement survey and can shared lived experience delivering digital health solutions to support equity data capture, including the change management aspects for patients and staff.
  • Draw on my experience as a women leader and mentor to emerging leaders to help deepen Digital Health Canada’s understanding of what both existing and potential members require to feel a sense of belonging within the organization and the broader industry.

Leadership for Industry

  • By leveraging my networking skills and experience in collaboration at local, regional, and provincial tables, I can play a key role in leading and developing intersectoral partner roundtables. I am quite adept at bringing together stakeholders from various sectors within the digital health ecosystem and facilitating collaborative discussions.
  • I am the corporate strategy lead at North York General Hospital, and I look forward to the opportunity to leverage this broader strategic skillset to work with Digital Health Canada on the execution, reporting and measurement of its updated strategic plan.
What unique skills, perspectives and contributions would you bring to the Digital Health Canada Board?
  1. Possess cross sectoral digital health experience in the acute, community and primary care settings
  2. Demonstrated leadership and board governance experience serving as a Director on a national board (HealthPRO Canada), including as the Chair of the IT Sub-Committee
  3. Track record of collaboration and leading system level change, including current roles as Co-Chair of the Provincial Oracle Health Collaborative, Chair of the Provincial Tri-HIS Collaborative, Consortium Executive Sponsor on the Provincial Evidence to Practice Program
  4. Highly passionate and experienced in patient-centred design
  5. Robust strategic planning, reporting and evaluation experience
  6. Experience with diversity and health equity from a leadership and implementation perspective
  7. Experience with programs developing and recruiting emerging leaders
Do you or have or have you ever had any direct patient care experience (clinical)?


What segments within the Digital Health Canada community do you feel you will best represent?
  • Executives/CIOs
  • Leaders
  • Academic & Research
  • Healthcare Institutions
With which Digital Health Canada committees, task groups or activities have you volunteered in past five years?

During my tenure as VP and Chief Digital Officer, the team I lead at North York General Hospital has been highly engaged with Digital Health Canada. Over the past two years, we have delivered over five presentations at the annual eHealth conference, focusing on sharing our digital health insights derived from our local initiatives and leadership roles within Ontario. Notably, I spoke at the 2023 eHealth conference and served as a CIO Panelist at the 2023 UpOnDigital Conference. Additionally, I have contributed as a speaker on Webinar Wednesday sessions, while my team has consistently participated as presenters in this forum.

What other board appointments or relevant leadership experiences have you had in the past five years?
  • HealthPRO Canada, Director on Board of Governors, Chair of IT Sub-Committee of the Board (June 2021 to present)
  • Chair North York Toronto Health Partners Digital Working Group (Current)
  • Co-Chair of the Provincial Oracle Health Collaborative (Current)
  • Co-Chair of the Provincial Tri-HIS Collaborative (Current)
Why do you feel Digital Health Canada members should vote for you?

In my 20+ year career including now in my role as Vice President of Strategy, Digital Health, and Chief Digital Officer at North York General Hospital I have demonstrated my strategic leadership abilities. I have spearheaded innovative digital technology solutions and have a deep understanding of how to transform healthcare delivery through digital means.

My experience in designing and implementing innovative digital health solutions, including patient portals, health information systems, digital patient identity, remote patient monitoring, and artificial intelligence capabilities, showcases my proficiency in leveraging technology to improve patient care and operational efficiency.

My background includes stakeholder engagement and team building, essential skills for collaborating with diverse stakeholders within Digital Health Canada to advance the Canadian digital health industry collaboratively. I also value the benefit of learning from peers at a national level and believe there is considerable benefit to making these learnings and best practices accessible to all members.

My track record of managing large-scale healthcare systems implementations and leading strategic planning efforts across different healthcare sectors demonstrates my operational expertise and competency to work across a number of healthcare sectors and within different levels of government.

Lastly, my passion for exploring innovative ways to transform the patient and provider experience aligns with Digital Health Canada’s mission to advance digital health initiatives and ensure that Canada remains at the forefront of digital healthcare innovation.

Do you currently hold the Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems-Canada (CPHIMS-CA) credential?
I am committed to achieving my CPHIMS-CA
Educational background
  • International Association of Facilitators, Group Facilitation Certification, 2023
  • Academic Hospital Leadership Academy, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto,Toronto, ON, 2020
  • Prosci Change Management Certification,Toronto, ON, 2017
  • Master of Business Administration, The Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, London, ON, 2005
  • Bachelor of Arts, Honors Business Administration, Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western London, ON, 2000