Chris is an experienced entrepreneur and senior leader that combines strategic thinking with an action-oriented approach to drive large change and transformation initiatives. Chris is a certified project management professional (PMP) with a proven track record of successfully delivering projects and has led numerous IT system implementations (50+) in various clinical settings across Western Canada. Chris has spent the majority of his career in the healthcare sector working with both public and private organizations and has built significant expertise on the implementation of Electronic Medical Records, Hospital Information Systems, and other digital health technologies. Chris is an active member in his local health innovation community and has a strong interest in identifying and validating how emerging digital health solutions can be successfully integrated into our current healthcare system. Chris has also worked as a mentor, advisor, and investor within many health start-up, scale-up and established businesses and organizations and is known as a community builder dedicated to advancing the health innovation ecosystem through commercialization efforts.

Chris has been a Digital Health Canada Member for 15 years.

Why do you want to join the Digital Health Canada Board of Directors at this point in your career?

I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to continue serving as a board member for Digital Health Canada. Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of representing the organization and its members, and I am eager to continue advocating for their needs and interests.

Having been deeply involved in the Digital Health space for over 15 years, I possess a wealth of knowledge and experience that I believe can greatly benefit the strategic direction of the organization. As a longstanding member of Digital Health Canada, I have witnessed firsthand the invaluable impact the organization has on our industry and members. Now, I am committed to continue to contribute my time, expertise, and network to furthering Digital Health Canada’s mission and supporting the growth and development of the digital health sector.

The advancements in our industry over the past 3-5 years have been remarkable, and I am dedicated to ensuring that this momentum is sustained and leveraged to drive further progress. Drawing from my experiences in both the public and private sectors, I am confident that I can offer a diverse perspective that will aid in the development of innovative partnerships and strategies to advance our sector.

How does your experience align with the Digital Health Canada strategic plan and mandate?

As a board member deeply involved in the development of Digital Health Canada’s 2023-2026 strategic plan and objectives, I am wholeheartedly aligned with the vision and mission. The new mission to connect, inspire, and empower digital health professionals perfectly encapsulates the values that I have strived to embody throughout my tenure and career.

During my time on the board, I had the privilege of contributing to the strategic planning process, where we collectively identified key priorities to advance the digital health industry in Canada:

Excellence for Members: We worked tirelessly to provide our members with the tools, resources, and connections they need to thrive in the digital health ecosystem. Whether through organizing networking events, facilitating knowledge-sharing initiatives, or advocating for member needs, my focus has always been on empowering our community to lead the way forward.

Acting for Equity: We have actively championed initiatives to foster diversity and inclusion within our membership and advance equity in the digital health industry. By creating a more inclusive environment, we can harness the full potential of our diverse talent pool and drive innovation more effectively.

Leadership for Industry: Through my involvement in various industry collaborations, knowledge-sharing initiatives, and advocacy efforts, I have worked to elevate our organization’s profile as a trusted authority and catalyst for innovation in digital health.

My involvement in shaping Digital Health Canada’s strategic plan has been guided by a steadfast commitment to supporting our members and advancing the organization’s mission. I am excited for the opportunity to continue this journey of empowering digital health professionals and creating a brighter future for healthcare in Canada.

What unique skills, perspectives and contributions would you bring to the Digital Health Canada Board?

I have been fortunate to be part of a diverse array of projects and initiatives within healthcare and various sectors across Canada and internationally. These initiatives have equipped me with a unique set of skills and perspectives that I am eager to bring to the Digital Health Canada Board. Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of serving as a board member, gaining invaluable insights into effective governance and the inner workings of our organization. This experience has deepened my understanding of the responsibilities and dynamics of board membership, providing me with a solid foundation to contribute effectively in the next term, if re-elected.

Throughout my career, I’ve collaborated with a wide range of organizations, spanning the public sector, industry, post-secondary institutions, non-profits, and startups. This breadth of experience has honed my ability to approach topics from multiple viewpoints, fostering a balanced and nuanced perspective. While my primary focus has been in the health sector, I also bring ideas and insights from other sectors and jurisdictions where I’ve worked, enriching our discussions with diverse perspectives.

With a background in project management, I’ve developed a robust methodology and approach to tackling challenges, ensuring that initiatives are executed efficiently and effectively. I remain actively engaged in various digital health and innovation communities, staying abreast of emerging trends and topics shaping our industry.
This involvement not only keeps me informed but also ensures that I can represent and integrate a diverse range of perspectives into our decision-making processes.

My blend of board experience, diverse sectoral expertise, project management acumen, and active engagement in digital health communities uniquely position me to make meaningful contributions to the Digital Health Canada Board. I am committed to leveraging these strengths to drive the organization’s mission forward and serve the needs of our members and stakeholders effectively in the upcoming term.

Do you or have or have you ever had any direct patient care experience (clinical)?


What segments within the Digital Health Canada community do you feel you will best represent?
  • Executives/CIOs
  • Vendors
  • IM/IT Practitioners
  • Leaders
  • Digital Health Entrepreneurs
With which Digital Health Canada committees, task groups or activities have you volunteered in past five years?

Over the past five years, I have been involved in various committees and activities within Digital Health Canada, demonstrating my commitment to advancing the organization’s mission.

As a member of the DHC Board for the last two years, including one year as Treasurer and one year as Vice President, I have played a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction of the organization and ensuring its financial stability. My service on the board executive, finance and audit committee, and various ad hoc committees has provided me with valuable insights into the operational aspects of DHC, allowing me to make informed decisions and contribute to the organization’s overall success.

Furthermore, I have volunteered my time and expertise to support the planning committees for events in Alberta and British Columbia, leveraging my regional insights to ensure the success of these initiatives. Additionally, I have participated in national-level activities such as presenting at multiple DHC Webinar Wednesdays, contributing as an e-Health abstract reviewer, and serving on DHC Awards Task Forces and award review committees. My involvement in these endeavours has allowed me to contribute directly to the advancement of DHC’s mission and objectives.

While these formal roles and activities are integral to the growth and success of DHC, I believe that my most significant contribution to the organization’s mission lies in my efforts to connect and empower digital health professionals beyond structured committees and events. I have proactively engaged in mentorship and networking events aimed at nurturing emerging talent within the digital health community, including participation in initiatives such as Emerging Health Leaders. Additionally, I have served as a speaker and guest lecturer, sharing insights into the diverse career opportunities available in digital health and promoting the value of connections forged through DHC.

My multifaceted involvement in DHC, spanning formal committee roles, board leadership positions, event planning, and grassroots networking efforts, underscores my deep commitment to furthering the organization’s mission. I am dedicated to leveraging my experiences and networks to continue driving positive change within the digital health landscape and empowering professionals to shape the future of healthcare in Canada.

What other board appointments or relevant leadership experiences have you had in the past five years?

Over the past 5 years, I have held a number of leadership positions on a variety of initiatives that have equipped me with the skills and insights necessary to contribute effectively to the Digital Health Canada Board. One notable example is my role as the Working Group Co-Lead for Health Cities, a Canadian not-for-profit dedicated to driving better health outcomes and economic development in the health sector. In this capacity, I led the formation and recruitment of key community members into four Working Groups focusing on Talent, Financing, Access to Data, and Commercialization. These groups were instrumental in identifying key issues and developing actionable plans to accelerate health innovation in Alberta. Facilitating discussions and guiding the development of tangible plans to drive change were central aspects of my role, highlighting my ability to foster collaboration and drive impactful outcomes.

Additionally, I co-founded Health Tech Nights, a monthly gathering in Victoria, BC, aimed at bringing together individuals interested in digital health to foster collaboration and connections within the local community. This initiative demonstrates my commitment to building networks and fostering collaboration at the grassroots level, which aligns closely with the objectives of Digital Health Canada. By creating opportunities for professionals to come together, share insights, and collaborate on projects, Health Tech Nights contributes to the growth and advancement of the digital health ecosystem in our region.

My diverse leadership experiences over the past five years, spanning not-for-profit initiatives, multi-organizational collaborations, and grassroots community-building efforts, have equipped me with the skills and perspectives necessary to make meaningful contributions to the Digital Health Canada Board. I am committed to leveraging these experiences to drive positive change and advance the organization’s mission of connecting, inspiring, and empowering digital health professionals across Canada.

Why do you feel Digital Health Canada members should vote for you?

As a candidate for the Digital Health Canada Board, I offer a unique blend of experience, perspective, and commitment that positions me as an ideal advocate for our members. By voting for me, you can expect a Director who is deeply connected to the pulse of the digital health sector, drawing upon a variety of experiences gained across diverse sectors and geographical boundaries.

Throughout my career, I have traversed the continuum of digital health, from the inception of transformative projects to their successful implementation, navigating the complexities of sustainment and evaluation for continuous improvement. This firsthand experience has left me with a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted challenges and opportunities in our field, equipping me to contribute valuable insights and drive impactful initiatives on the Board.

I am committed to amplifying the voices of our members and ensuring that their needs and perspectives are fully represented in our decision-making processes. I plan to maintain open lines of communication, regularly consulting with both my own network and the broader DHC community to garner diverse insights and feedback. By fostering a culture of collaboration and inclusivity, I am dedicated to advancing the collective interests of our membership and propelling Digital Health Canada to new heights of success.

I firmly believe that effective leadership is rooted in accessibility and transparency. As such, I am committed to engaging with members on an ongoing basis, whether through scheduled meetings, informal conversations, or virtual forums. Your input and feedback are invaluable to me, and I am eager to hear your vision, hopes, and ideas for the future of Digital Health Canada.

I humbly ask for your vote of confidence in electing me to the Digital Health Canada Board. Together, we can chart a course towards a brighter, more innovative future for our industry. Feel free to reach out to me directly ( to discuss your thoughts and aspirations for DHC, or book a meeting using the link provided. Your support is greatly appreciated, and I am committed to serving you with integrity, passion, and dedication.

Let’s shape the future of digital health together!

Do you currently hold the Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems-Canada (CPHIMS-CA) credential?


Educational background
I graduated from the University of Victoria with a B.Sc. in Health Information Science and am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).