November 16, 2022

2022 Women Leaders in Digital Health: Dr. Zayna Khayat

Dr. Zayna Khayat, VP Client Success, Teladoc Health, and Adjunct Faculty, Rotman School of Management and Singularity University

[Zayna’s] passion for innovation is at the forefront; Zayna is constantly seeking new and creative solutions to improve health outcomes and increase the adoption of health innovations within our community. Moreover, Zayna has an exceptional ability to collaborate with others and drive projects forward in constructive ways that builds a culture of both inclusion and excellence. This, in and of itself, is innovative: Helping other healthcare workers feel the passion she has propels everyone to want to succeed with a unifying goal in mind—better health, at any time, anywhere.

Dr. Zayna Khayat is VP Client Success at Teladoc Health. She previously co-founded the Futures team at SE Health and also worked at REshape Health Innovation Centre at Radboud university medical centre in the Netherlands where she led initiatives to advance health innovation in the country. From 2014-2017 she led health system innovation with MaRS Discovery District. Zayna is adjunct faculty with the Rotman School of Management and Faculty of Singularity University and was previously a faculty member with Ivey School of Business at Western. In 2021, Zayna was a member of the TV show The Social Movement, helping to find viable financial solutions to one of 10 Sustainable Development goals. From 2010-2012, Zayna was an associate partner with SECOR Consulting/KPMG Canada. There, Zayna worked with medium and large-sized public and private health and life sciences organizations. Zayna earned her Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Toronto / Hospital for Sick Children where she was a scholar of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. She completed undergraduate studies in biochemistry at the University of Windsor, where she earned the Governor’s Medal for top graduate. Zayna speaks proficiently in French and Arabic and lives with her husband and 3 children.

Teladoc Health is redefining how the world sees virtual care (our HQ is in NY, US). As VP Client Success, Zayna is responsible for leading our growth across two main business streams, public sector health systems and private through health insurance. A major challenge for Canadian healthcare is adopting global trends and achieving transformation in our health systems. Money is often the key driver of private sector innovation and R&D, with the US market clearly overshadowing Canada in the market value of health innovation and many technologies not being fit for the CDN system or marketplace. In her role, Zayna has tackled this challenge head-on. She understands the Canadian landscape and knows the interoperability/technology gaps. She advocates to our global product team (often very consumer/US-centric) and pushes the Canadian agenda much further than ever before. For areas such as chronic disease management, RPM and patient experience in apps, this is often US dominated in the product mindset, she has influenced our capabilities and made our products and initiatives far more CDN-friendly. Where CDN start-ups are struggling in this market, it is critical that we have R&D continuing to push for the CDN health systems that are desperate for change.

Within the last 12 months at Teladoc, Zayna has accomplished professional recognition by developing a go-to-market strategy, defining and creating new processes, and building a strong network of partners that understand Teladoc’s vision and capabilities. She has led all commercial activity for Teladoc Health, helping to establish and grow its Canadian footprint in both the public health care and private healthcare space via strategic partnerships, which has expanded care and how care is delivered to millions. Within this short time frame under Zayna’s leadership, Teladoc has been able to capture the attention of health systems leaders across Canada, and also begin work with a number of leading advisory firms and innovation partners. She has achieved professional recognition from the leaders within our partner and client ecosystem as the initiator of these collaborations. Across Teladoc global, Zayna’s reputation as a leader who can “get things done” really speaks for itself. Recognition among ones own colleagues is hard to develop. She also has received professional recognition through a number of engagements, such as being featured on CBC White Coat Black Art Radio show in Sept 2022 and invited to collaborate on a number of publications such as Longwoods Papers.

Zayna has demonstrated leadership and a true passion to improve our healthcare system using emerging technologies. She is known for her incredible knowledge of the value of emerging technologies and her ability to push-the- boundaries often leading us to rethink how we can ensure patients live their best lives.