The Update on Ontario Digital Health

The annual UpOnDigital: Update on Ontario Digital Health conference brings public and private sector leaders together to explore themes of importance to Ontario patients, caregivers, and digital health professionals.

The next UpOnDigital Conference takes place on March 7, 2023. 

Past conferences

2022 UpOnDigital Topics
  • The Update on Ontario Digital Health
  • How digital enablement supports citizens across the continuum of care
  • Securing your data in Google Cloud
  • 2022 UpOnDigital Program (PDF)


2021 UpOnDigital Topics
  • Update on Digital Health Plenary
  • Digital Health Canada Hot Topics
  • Caring with Compassion in a Digital World
  • Virtual Care Secretariat COVID Response Funding
  • Virtual Visits Verification and the Provincial Standard
  • Digital Equity: Bridging the Digital Divide & Digital Enablers of Integrated Care
  • Helping overwhelmed healthcare organizations deal with COVID communication challenges
  • Canadians want to manage their care; how do we get there?
  • 2021 UpOnDigital Program (PDF)
2020 UpOnDigital Topics
  • Canada Health Infoway
  • Strategies to Meet the Requirements of 24/7 Access to Virtual Care
  • A practical approach to connecting the patient journey
  • Big White Wall
  • Supporting OHTs with EMRs and Other Technology Strategies
  • OntarioMD
  • Hospitals Supporting OHTs
2019 UpOnDigital Topics
  • Shared Services Organizations
  • Essential to Connecting People and Care, Better and Faster
  • Making a Difference with PrescribeIT™
  • Toronto: Opportunities in Health Tech and AI
  • What’s on the Horizon in Digital Health for Primary Care Physicians in 2019?
  •  Open for Innovation
  • Ontario’s Digital Health Innovation Projects
  • Value-Based Health Care Models
  • 2019 UpOnDigital Program (PDF)