Driving the Future of Digital Health: Connecting the Digital Health Ecosystem

We are at the cusp of unprecedented change in the way health services are delivered, personalized, accessed, and funded. The rapid growth in connected personal health services, devices, and data is creating opportunities to re-imagine aspects of healthcare access and delivery, personal health and fitness, and health data via new enabling digital health practices and technologies. Driving the Future of Digital Health brings together professionals, organizations, and ideas from across stakeholder segments for incubation and advocacy. Attendees access opportunities to connect with existing communities and initiate new relationships within both traditional and emerging segments of health and healthcare in Canada.

2022 Driving the Future of Digital Health: The Evolution of Person-Centered Health and Wellness takes place virtually on Tuesday, November 1.

Registration is now open! Visit the event website at the link below for more information.


Past conferences

2021 Driving the Future Topics
  • A Story of Innovation: How the University of Montreal Health Centre (CHUM) became recognized as Canada’s most innovative hospital
  • Opportunities for Accessing Care in 2021 and Beyond
  • Innovation by Necessity vs. Innovation by Strategy
  • Digital Therapeutics (DTx)
  • A Future Where Care Follows the Person, Not the Place—It’s Here Already
  • Workplace Wellness and Mental Health: The Pandemic Effect
  • Advancing Health in a Digital World
  • Closing Keynote with Canadian Gold Medal Olympian Damian Warner
  • 2021 Driving the Future Conference Program (PDF)


2020 Driving the Future Topics
  • Hospital of the future – @ digital home? (and then Corona came along……)
  • Improving the post-operative patient experience using a new model of virtual care
  • First Nations Virtual Care
  • How COVID-19 has Fast-tracked the use of Virtual Care Channels
  • Opening Remarks and Digital Transformation
  • Transforming patient technology to improve their hospital experience
  • How The Jewish General Hospital is Leveraging Mixed Reality to Address COVID19 Challenges
  • The Future of Healthcare
  • The Real Impact of Tech Innovation on Healthcare
  • Embracing Disruption to Drive Transformational Success in Healthcare?
  • 2020 Driving the Future Conference Program (PDF)
2019 Driving the Future Topics
  • AI/ML and Interoperability: The Future of Digital Health in Canada
  • Protecting Your Patients in a Digital World
  • Intersections: Design thinking, technology and business
  • Health Espresso, Patient-Centred Healthcare Solutions
  • Capacity Planning with Predictive Analytics
  • FHIR Walk Through via the Innovation Lab
  • The Digitally Empowered Patient
  • Digital Health & Strategic Planning: The Future of Health Care in Ontario
  • The Digital Health Toolbox: Enabling integrated care
  • Establishing Data Governance for Ontario Health Teams: The Road Ahead
  • Digital Tool for Family Caregiving
  • iamsick.ca, holidayhours.ca & myflushot.ca – Digital tools for Helping Patients Navigate the Healthcare System
  • The Role of Digital Health Technology in Bringing Humanity Back to Healthcare
  • 2019 Driving the Future Conference Program (PDF)
2018 Driving the Future Topics
  • The Future of Health(care) in a Digital World
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare: the future is now
  • Using Machine Learning to Design Precision Engagement
  • Monitoring Cognitive Health Through Speech
  • Driving Innovation with Advanced Computing
  • Bots and Robotics: Transformation and Innovation Challenges and Methods
  • Digital Trust and Mobile: Driving Scale and Unlocking Future Innovations of Connected Digital Health
  • Not Without Me: The End User in the Digital Health System
  • Engaging Patients in Their Communities
  • 2018 Driving the Future Conference Program (PDF)
2017 Driving the Future Topics
  • Digital Health: A Launchpad to the Moon and Mars
  • Consumer-directed Health Management
  • Personal Health Information Meets Personalized Medicine
  • Health and Care Moves Everywhere
  • 2017 Driving the Future Conference Program (PDF)