Digital Health Canada/ANHIX Calgary Winter Conference

The annual Calgary Winter Conference, presented in partnership with ANHIX (Alberta Network for Health Information eXchangeSociety), attracts leaders, thinkers, senior executives, and individuals within the health space from Calgary and the surrounding area. The 2023 conference will take place on Tuesday, February 7 from 8am-4pm MDT in the Spectrum Rooms of Calgary’s Hotel Arts. Reserve your spot in Calgary—register today at the link below. Visit the event website for a complete list of speakers, sessions, and sponsors.

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  • Join me at the 2023 Digital Health Canada/ANHIX Calgary Winter Conference on Tuesday, February 7 from 8am-4pm MDT at Calgary’s Hotel Arts –
  • I am looking forward to the 2023 Digital Health Canada/ANHIX Calgary Winter Conference on Tuesday, February 7 from 8am-4pm MDT at Calgary’s Hotel Arts –
  • We are proud to sponsor the 2023 Digital Health Canada/ANHIX Calgary Winter Conference! Tuesday, February 7 from 8am-4pm MDT at Calgary’s Hotel Arts –
  • Let’s meet to talk about the healthcare of tomorrow at the 2023 Digital Health Canada/ANHIX Calgary Winter Conference, Tuesday, February 7 from 8am-4pm MDT at Calgary’s Hotel Arts –

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Past conferences

2022 Western Region Topics
  • Success and Lessons of Equitable and Sustainable Healthcare
  • COVID-19 Conspiracies!
  • Anything but COVID!
  • Alberta Health Services Analytics Keynote and Covenant Health Strategy Presentation
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Reflection on the Past Delivery, and Resilient Healthcare
  • BC Virtual Health Leaders
  • Clinical Information Systems implementation during a pandemic
  • What we learned dealing with the pandemic and how can we apply it to healthcare issues
  • Cyber Security
  • What’s Next for Digital Health in BC After the Pandemic?
  • 2022 Western Region Conference Program (PDF)


2021 Topics
  • Evolving Virtual Health in Alberta
  • Fostering a Vibrant Digital Health Sector in Alberta
  • The Border Pilot Program
  • Remote Monitoring for Rapid Pandemic Response
  • ConnectCare Update
  • BC Digital Health Strategy
  • Vaccine Panel Discussion
  • Defining Virtual Care in Canada
  • Digital Health: distraction or opportunity?
  • How the Pandemic is Preparing Healthcare for What’s Next
  • Building Resilience to Global Epidemic Threats Using Big Data
  • 2021 Western Region Conference Program (PDF)
2020 Topics
  • IT Health Innovation
  • Innovation + Impact in Healthcare
  • Let’s Talk Tech – Start Up CEOs
  • Doctors Working to Improve the Health of Canadians
2019 Topics
  • Unlocking the Full Potential of Innovation in Healthcare
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Health
  • Advancing Healthcare Through Digital Innovation
  • Canada Health Infoway – Access 2022
  • Connect Care: Bridging Technology and the Clinical Setting
  • Using Technology to Measure Health Equity and Advance Population Health
  • 2019 Calgary Conference Program (PDF)
2018 Topics
  • Virtual Care: Emerging Ideas, Opportunities and Risks
  • The Value of an Integrated Community Health Record
  • Improvements in the Treatment of Mental Health in the Community
  • Disruptive Technologies Promising to Impact Community HealthcareDelivery
  • 2018 Calgary Winter Conference Program (PDF)
2017 Topics
  • The Vision for Integrated Health Records in Alberta
  • Alberta Health Service’s Enterprise Information Management Governance Framework
  • Precision Medicine – Preparing for the Future
  • Better Information for Better Health – Bridging the Disconnect
  • Digital Health Leadership in Canada
  • Forging the CIS – Foundation & Fundamentals
  • 2017 Calgary Winter ConferenceProgram (PDF)
2016 Topics
  • Helping Albertans Find  Their Way to Better Health
  • One Patient–One Journey
  • Orienting Care to Consumers & Communities
  • Piloting Community Care 360 in Canada
  • Connecting Hospitals & Consumers-The Optum Interactive Platform
  • Linking patient centric information from hospital to home
  • Perspectives on Emerging Consumer Technologies inHealthcare
  • Innovating the Future of Community & Consumer-Based Healthcare in Alberta
  • Future Directions for Community, Social & Consumer Care
  • Community & Primary Health Care Requirements & How Albertans Can Benefit from eHealth Service Delivery
  • What Clinicians Need to be Successful in eHealth Service Delivery
  • What Albertans Need to Access and Optimize the Benefits of eHealth Service Delivery
2015 Topics
  • Analytics at the point of care
  • Analytics: the ‘Big’ in Big Data
  • Stirring & Shaking: Innovation and Transformation in Alberta Healthcare and Beyond
2014 Topics
  • CIO Perspectives on the Alberta Landscape
  • e-Referral System Implementation at Alberta Health Services
  • As I See Health IT–View from the top at AHS
  • The Role of CMIO in Canadian Health IT Views & Perspectives
  • Health IT Now & in the Future–Challenges & Opportunities
2013 Topics
  • Radical, Disruptive, even Destructive – Changing the eHealth game for ur self, ur best friends, ur family