Get exactly what your team needs with Digital Health Canada Group Education

Group Education brings together organization stakeholders who may not know one another, fostering collaboration and collegiality in the context of IM/IT education. Courses are delivered virtually, and modules can be tailored to your training requirements, to fill specific knowledge gaps, and to prepare for the Canadian Supplemental (CA) Exam.

Group Education is ideal for unique team education needs that require a focus on select content. Training as a group is helpful for acquiring new skills and knowledge, or for experienced employees who would like a health informatics knowledge refresher. A group course is also a great way to bring new team members up to speed on health informatics core competencies—all at the same time.

What to expect if you sign up for Group Education:

  • Discounted registration fees
  • Unique login to the LMS for each employee
  • Quarterly reports to managers on team completion rates (these keep everyone on track to complete the course within a selected time frame)
  • Automatically generated Certificate of Completion
  • Full technical support for each learner

Contact for more information. Download a PDF copy of the Core Health Informatics Syllabus at the link below.