Healthcare Leader, Digital Health Consultant Contractor
Susan Sepa’s (RN, BScN, MSc, CPHIMS-CA, CHE) initial grounding in front line clinical and operational management experience in health care organizations, followed by over 14 yrs in health care consulting is a unique combination resulting in key competencies in: Strategy and business case development for electronic health record (EHR) and clinical information solutions (CIS) roadmaps; Stakeholder engagement and change implementation strategies; Clinical Informatics; IM IT organizational process and redesign and Health system analysis and process redesign. Susan has fulfilled roles such as the executive leader of a health authority clinical application management group; clinical informatics and transformational lead for a CIS program, a Project Director for clinical information system implementations, a facilitator and leader of clinical informatics advisory groups in health care agencies. Throughout, Susan is a tireless advocate for the patient safety and quality benefits of a fully interoperable CIS that enables care providers and supports seamless and timely sharing of clinical information across the patient journey.