Women Leaders in Digital Health 2018
Shannon Malovec, Principal, Patient Engagement, TELUS Health


“Shannon is a strong communicator and has been able to keep the business focussed on solutions in emerging areas such as virtual care, remote monitoring, and health and wellness. She is very much appreciated by customers for her communication skills, strategic thinking, complex problem solving skills, thought leadership, and collaborative spirit, always working alongside customers to find the right solution to meet their needs.”

– Josh Blair, Executive Vice-president, TELUS Health and Chief Corporate Officer, TELUS Healt


In 2017, part-way through Shannon’s first maternity leave, TELUS created a new portfolio to drive innovation in patient-centred health technology solutions. Shannon was offered a role leading this new national team and jumped in, returning from leave early to bring four diverse teams together to create a single team focused on patient engagement.


Since then, Shannon has worked tirelessly to build the new team from 25 to almost 40, all while creating a strong team culture of individuals passionate about their work to improve our healthcare system. When the team was formed, some provincial patient engagement programs had successfully completed evaluation stages, but their long-term plans were unclear. Under her leadership and direction, the Patient Engagement team at TELUS has demonstrated true grit in securing partnerships in three western provinces on largescale personal health record programs. She also made the important decision to source a new partner to meet our clients’ long-term home monitoring needs and supported the new partner, the team, and the client through a very successful technology change-over, setting TELUS and our customers up for the long term. Finally, she led the launch of a new EMR Patient Portal to hundreds of physicians across the country.