Robyn Woods (Henderson)
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
The Uncomplicated Family Corporate Group


“She speaks from the heart. She talks about having a clear line of sight to the future and how The Uncomplicated Family Corporate Group’s mission and values will help the team get there. Robyn’s confidence is demonstrated time and time again through her leadership skills (35 employees on her teams). She has recently established a Global Advisory Board which includes the formal Minister of Health and former Minister of Child and Family Services. Her communication and influence is demonstrated as she describes the future and provides clear evidence and a plan toward achieving those goals.”


Robyn Woods (Henderson) is a social entrepreneur taking big steps that are leading to huge rewards for children and families living with disabilities. As a co-parent of five children, two with disabilities, and founder of a successful western-Canadian disabilities services and technology company, Robyn sees first-hand the quality of life that children and families living with disabilities can achieve when supported with personalized, readily accessible care.


She is also acutely aware of the barriers they face, including cost, accessing the right experts at the right times, language, and much more. Robyn has responded to these barriers as a hurricane force transforming disability service delivery with Teleroo™ World, a patented, evidence-informed, secure, and globally-relevant collaborative suite of technologies that can be used in health, education, the community, and the home to deliver personalized disability care. Teleroo™ World is helping families achieve quality of life outcomes in half the time and is being piloted in world-class locations, such as the Stollery Children’s Hospital.


Robyn is a recipient of the 2019 Canadian Business Chicks Innovation Award Trailblazer: STEM, Alberta Woman Entrepreneur of the Year: Upsurge Award and 2016 Ernst and Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year award for the prairie provinces.