eCritical Alberta Operations Manager


As the eCritical Operations Manager at Alberta Health Services, I manage the eCritical Alberta program which includes a provincial CIS and robust data warehouse implemented across pediatric, adult, and a number of neonatal critical care units. We are unique in that we have a team of clinicians that customizes the application, a technical team, a front line support team, in addition to quality assurance analysts, and data access and analytics (Business intelligence and Extract, Transform, Load) analysts. Previously, I was the Millennium integration manager with responsibility for ADT and lab interfaces in the Calgary zone and Provincial Laboratory for Public Health. I have spent 20 years working in Healthcare Information Technology with progressive leadership positions during that time. I am passionate about leadership and collaboratively finding ways to ensure that our technology meets the needs of our clinicians and care providers and in turn provides better outcomes for our patients. I am passionate about collecting data, ensuring the quality of that data and then enabling clinicians and researchers access to that data to make meaningful change in care of patients. I hold a Master’s in Leadership degree from Royal Roads University and am Project Management Professional Certified.