Chief Medical Officer and Chief Privacy Officer, Orion Health
Dr. Hobson has 16 years experience as a physician working in primary and secondary care (major areas of interest include family practice, after hours services, internal medicine especially cardiology gastroenterology and endocrinology) and 10 years experience in Family Medicine, during which time he used an EMR with full functionality including integration of lab results, radiology and other documents in day-to-day practice. Dr. Hobson has global experience in all areas of Healthcare IT, from business strategy through product design and development; sales and marketing; implementation project management and business analysis. Dr. Hobson has worked on both the client and vendor side as well as with payers and providers in the US. Interests are in strategy and application of technology to integrated care, disease management and primary care. International experience (spanning Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK, USA and Spain) enables Dr. Hobson to bring a great perspective for comparison of different health systems, their strengths and weaknesses. Globally Dr. Hobson has advised on approximately 25 Health Information Exchanges (shared electronic health records) along with their implementation and evaluation and more than ten chronic disease management and care coordination projects. At Orion, Dr. Hobson provides strategic advice to clients on healthcare system evolution, the importance of primary care to the future of a successful health system and the use of Information Technology to support it.