Helene Clement, Senior Consultant, TheHCgroup (Ontario)



How long have you been a member of Digital Health Canada
Over 25 years.



Why do you want to join the Digital Health Canada Board of Directors at this point in your career?
I am seeking re-election after having previously served on the Digital Health Canada Board for 4 years and currently completing 2 terms. During these years as a member of the Digital Health Canada Board of Directors, I was honoured to contribute my experience and knowledge with the various committees and members. These contributions fueled my ongoing commitment to Digital Health Canada, added to my lifelong learning journey and enabled me to build new professional relationships. I want to continue to further the goals of the Digital Health Canada Board. My primary reasons for seeking re-election to the Digital Health Canada Board of Directors are:
1) To increase a diverse and committed membership, provide new and innovative ideas, and facilitate the forward movement of the strategic plan. I also want to expand the reach of Telehealth, so that clinicians in all types of health sectors, using technology as the enabler, can provide health and wellness services as we move forward digital health in Canada.
2) To develop skills in leadership for younger members, for example a Board Intern position.
3) To conscientiously advocate and promote Digital Health Canada educational offerings through the expansion and customization of targeted programs for different audiences at all levels and providing an understanding of how technology and practice can be integrated to transform healthcare.
4) I have benefitted tremendously from having the support and expertise of COACH/Digital Health Canada’s members and have a strong desire to continue to give back to the organization and the health informatics community. My career trajectory has brought me to a point in my learning and accumulated clinical and business experience which I would like to share with Digital Health Canada and its members. This includes practical hands-on clinical and business experience, so vital to a thorough understanding of the health informatics field, as well as extensive formal training, including my CPHIMS-CA certification.
5) My accumulated professional and COACH/Digital Health Canada volunteer committee experience provides me with the knowledge base and insights to make a significant contribution to the Board and the field of Health Informatics and digital health in Canada.



How does your experience align with the Digital Health Canada strategic plan and mandate?
The clinical, informatics, vendor and public-sector (healthcare facilities/government) knowledge and experience that I bring to Digital Health Canada includes a deep understanding and appreciation of the business, technical and clinical aspects of digital health. These diverse views will help Digital Health Canada develop and implement impactful programs and services to achieve the Digital Health Canada strategic goals. I was also involved in the development of the COACH/Digital Health Canada strategic plans for the past 7 years. I would like to continue to promote Digital Health Canada initiatives by actively participating in bringing the new strategic plan to fruition. These experiences have allowed me to bridge clinical and digital health as we pursue and leverage new innovative approaches to provide services. I chaired/co-chaired a number of Digital Health committees to engage health professionals. I am actively involved in the development of new educational initiatives resulting in new product offerings and new sources of revenues for Digital Health Canada. These new educational programs are now being repurposed to meet regional and local educational requirements. I have participated at a number of COACH and CPHIMS-CA Webinars delivering educational content.



What unique skills, perspectives and contributions would you bring to the Digital Health Canada Board?
My first-hand experience as a clinician has given me an intimate understanding of the issues in health care and informatics that Digital Health Canada is trying to address. My roles in the healthcare field as a front-line caregiver, at the managerial level, as well as my extensive clinical software vendor experience offers Digital Health Canada a significant level of insight into the needs and interests of Digital Health Canada members. My experience in multiple roles in government, hospitals, and vendor organizations, across Canada gave me insight into the culture and governance complexity of our provinces and how they approach technology and informatics to meet their unique needs, opportunities and challenges.

The experiences acquired in digital health enables me to make valuable contributions in promoting the need as well as the use of Digital Health Canada tools and programs. This included:
• Leading and participating in the redesign and organizational transformation of clinical and business processes both with and without technologies
• Leading and managing the implementation of technologies with clinicians such as clinical documentation and decision support
• Developing education programs and supporting artifacts
• Promoting and supporting the sharing of usable knowledge on health informatics both nationally and internationally

My professional and volunteer experience would not only support Digital Health Canada’s strategic initiatives, but also provide the skills, knowledge and capability to work towards the new and next challenges facing Canadian health care. I enjoy engaging in conversations with Digital Health Canada’s current and future members to make meaningful contributions and share ideas. I am committed to the organization and have the energy to devote time to Digital Health Canada activities and work.



Do you or have or have you ever had any direct patient care experience (clinical)?
I worked as a front-line Staff Nurse in Neurosurgery/Neurology. In my previous management roles within healthcare facilities, I assisted clinicians in using and incorporating technologies as they transformed the delivery of healthcare services. This included the implementation of electronic records, the implementation of decision support tools and the integration of technologies into the delivery of care.



What segments within the Digital Health Canada community do you feel you will best represent? Select all that apply.
Executives/CIOs, Emerging Professionals, Telehealth, Clinicians, Vendors, Consultants, IM/IT Practitioners, Academic & Research, Healthcare Institutions, Provincial and National eHealth Organizations, Digital Health Entrepreneurs, Retail Health



With which Digital Health Canada committees, task groups or activities have you volunteered in past five years? Describe your most significant contributions to Digital Health Canada’s mission.
In previous years, I served as the Chair of the HIP@Work Task Force where I helped to identify requirements for the career tool using the career matrix developed by COACH. I worked on the COACH Exam Development Task Force to develop questions for the Canadian portion of the CPHIMS Exam, as well as the content for the CPHIMS-CA Review Sessions. I am now a member of the CPHIMS-CA Exam Committee. I also represented Digital Health Canada (COACH) on the HIMSS Exam committee. I consistently engage in the ongoing promotion of COACH and its vision. As co-Editor, I was involved in updating the Digital Health Canada (COACH) Reference guide to continue promote education amongst its membership and with the health community at large.



What other board appointments or relevant leadership experiences have you had in the past five years?
I am currently on the Digital Health Canada board and seek re-election for another 2-year term. I sat on the HIMSS Ontario Board of Directors for 10 years and was the chair of a number of HIMSS Ontario committees including the education committee. I am a member of a number of professional associations, as well as a member of a peer review committee for articles for the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) journal and a reviewer of abstracts for HIMSS conferences, CCHL, and eHealth Conferences. I was also a member of a number of HIMSS international task forces, I have moderated educational sessions at HIMSS conferences, educational webinars and eHealth Conferences. I was a member of the COACH/HIMSS Ontario education committee planning the ONUP 2014 and ONUP 2015 conferences. I was also a Board member (6 years) and held executive position (2 years) on the Board of Directors for an organization providing support for adults/elderly with limited autonomy living in the community. The organization advocates on their behalf and provides access to activities in the community as a way to maintain their involvement and participation in society.



Please tell us why you feel Digital Health Canada members should vote for you.
I am a passionate, energetic and charismatic health care professional who is committed to the advancement of Digital Health and the digital health plays in supporting care delivery and the effective administration of the system. I have contributed healthcare strategies, thinking and knowledge in various forums such as publications, presentations at various Health Care Informatics conferences and by being a faculty member at the University de Sherbrooke for the delivery of courses such as “Dossier de santé électronique partagé” (Shared Health Record), not only through work experiences but also as a volunteer.
I am a dedicated and reliable digital health professional with more than 25 years’ experience who likes to engage with others to get the job done.
I believe that we need to prepare the organization and the industry for the next generation of digital health practitioners and having them benefit from my experience and knowledge allows me to give back to the field that has given me so much. I am committed to the vision that digital health is the key to better, safer and high-quality care and the key enabler for transforming the delivery of healthcare services. Through my involvement with COACH/Digital Health Canada activities on committees and on the Digital Health Canada (COACH) Board, I can actively contribute to making this transformation a reality. My goal as a member of the Digital Health Canada Board is to:
• Engage with the membership and prospective members to understand and meet their needs
• Evolve the diversity of the organization as it embarks on a new chapter and include all sectors
• Set the stage for the next generation of Digital Health professionals with education and networking opportunities, particularly in the areas of new ways of delivering healthcare via telehealth and community initiatives
• Augment volunteer participations in Digital Health Canada activities



Do you currently hold the Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems – Canada (CPHIMS-CA) credential?



What is your educational background? Please list all degrees and designations.
• Registered Nurse
• Bachelor of Science in Nursing
• Master’s in Health Administration
• ROI certification (pending)



Please include a brief biography including highlights of experience and expertise in health informatics/digital health.
My many years of experience working in the healthcare sector includes experience in most Canadian provinces, has given me knowledge and understanding of jurisdictional differences. In a career path focused on information systems used by clinicians, my journey in health and health informatics began in Alberta and continued on to Quebec, Manitoba, and Ontario where I held many management positions. I have a pan-Canadian perspective, through my clinical work, extensive vendor experience and government exposure that complements Digital Health Canada’s mandate and goals. I worked in the private sector providing health informatics software and services to health care organisations across Canada. I have been involved in the development of components of the EHR such as clinical documentation, care planning, and decision support. I have managed the Canadian operations of a company where I assisted clients in using data for decision support and clinical transformation. To make a greater contribution to health informatics and its impact on patient care at the provincial level, I joined eHealth Ontario where I held several roles. I provided Health Informatics consulting services as a T.R.M. consultant (Transformation–clinical/business, ROI, and Marketing) focusing on innovation and health care transformations through digital health. I am current with healthcare strategies and thinking resulting in requests for performing peer review of articles for Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) journal, and abstracts for HIMSS National (US), Digital Health Canada, and CCHL conferences. My involvement in the healthcare and informatics community has resulted in a number of publications and presentations at both national and international levels. Worth noting the many volunteer hours provided for the rewrite of the new “Resource Guide to Digital Health in Canada” published in Fall 2019. I have a strong ability to bridge knowledge from research, clinical, and business components allowing the sharing of lessons learned, benefit realization, strategies and vision for the integration of technologies in the clinical environment and management of healthcare. I obtained and maintained my CPHIMS-CA certification for over 10 years. I have volunteered to provide educational assistance to prepare candidates taking their CPHIMS-CA certification. I have been involved in the Exam Committee for the CPHIMS and CA exams for a number of years. I have co-authored manuscripts and written submissions for a variety of publications in addition to presentations at conferences. I believe in giving back to the HI community by volunteering to organizations such as Digital Health Canada (COACH), HIMSS, CCHL, NIHI and teaching at the Université de Sherbrooke.