Digital Health Canada Strategic Plan

Our 2020-2023 Strategic Plan for the association was finalized last year, with input from our member survey, stakeholder roundtable discussions, and conversations with members from across Canada. Initially set to launch in spring 2020, it was paused while the association and our members focused on the crucial work of pandemic response.

This year, the Board of Directors determined that Strategy 2023 had weathered the pandemic and that the 2020-2023 plan would serve the association and members well. Through socialization and consultation with members and stakeholders through the pandemic we have confidence that the plan will support our members and stakeholders now and through the future.


Strategy 2023
The new strategic plan builds on successes from the last three years and provides a platform for future growth of the association and its members. It is not intended to pivot the organization; rather, it is an extension and amplification of our foundational network, community platform, and programs and services. It is designed to strengthen the association influence and relevance.

Strategy 2023 will focus on empowering individuals, knowledge sharing and life-long learning, and advancing health in a digital world. Digital Health Canada will advance its vision and mission by being a connector, facilitator, navigator, and unified voice for professionals.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our strategic architecture (mission, vision, values, pillars) is the foundation and framework for our current priorities and acts as a source of alignment for all members, partners, and stakeholders.

  • Our mission is to connect, inspire, and empower digital health professionals who are creating the future of health in Canada.
  • Our vision is that, together, we will catalyze the digital health community.
  • Our values are steadfast and have been a cornerstone for members and the association since 1975, guiding our actions together as the association and industry grew and changed.
  • Our pillars (we connect, we empower, we inspire) support a linked set of ecosystems, organizations, and individuals who are passionately pursing the future of health in Canada together.
2023 Priorities

Strategy 2023 will act as our compass as we work to deliver on the key priorities that matter most to our members and stakeholders:

  • Empowering individuals – We will we empower members to be successful, well-connected, and to thrive in the healthcare industry. We will accomplish this by delivering a local experience that has national and global relevance; by understanding member needs and evolving programs and services accordingly; and by growing and diversifying membership to broaden member opportunities.
  • Knowledge sharing and life-long learning – Digital Health Canada will be the first choice for professional development, career planning and advancement in the digital health industry; to facilitate and deliver learning programs that adapt to a rapidly changing environment; and to co-create, share and consolidate knowledge for easy consumption and application.
  • Advancement and advocacy – As a leader and influencer advancing issues and priorities for positive change, Digital Health Canada will bring Canada to the world, and the world to Canada. We will be the catalyst bringing together multiple organizations to align on a common purpose.


Thank you for the important work you do to enhance health and care for Canadians and your contribution to our national community as members, partners, and ambassadors. Your leadership, energy, and support is foundational as we join together broad and diverse ecosystems and professional communities across Canada to build the future of health in our digital world.

Together, we are Digital Health Canada.


Use the link below to download a copy of our Strategy 2023 document.