Digital Health Canada Competency Requirements: Exam Version

Digital Health Canada Competency Requirements (Exam Version) clearly identifies the knowledge and skill requirements within five of the nine domains presented in the Digital Health Canada Career Matrix. The requirements found within each of these five domains are used to develop questions for the Canadian Supplemental (CA) exam that is administered in conjunction with the Certified Professional in Health Information Management and Systems (CPHIMS) exam.

The CPHIMS-CA exam sets the standard of knowledge and experience for those at the proficient, expert or master levels of the Digital Health Canada Career Matrix. The purpose of this resource is to help individuals identify potential knowledge or skills gaps that may be tested on the exam. They are numbered to map out to the appropriate domain questions within the examination form and can be used with the Canadian (CA) Supplemental Exam Candidate Handbook.

Note: Content is applicable to exams starting April 2020.