CPHIMS-CA Canadian Review Guide

January 27, 2019 – Digital Health Canada CPHIMS-CA Canadian Health Informatics Review & Reference Guide – The 2013 CPHIMS-CA Canadian Health Informatics Review and Reference Guide is a user-friendly, quality multi-purpose resource for users ranging from employers and human resources personnel to post-secondary teaching staff and CPHIMS-CA Canadian Exam (CA) candidates.

Originally published in 2010, it has been revised extensively to reflect advances in HI and the corresponding new and expanded content of the revised CA Exam, being introduced in the fall of 2013.

New features in the 190-page document include:
– the How to Use section;
– the Organizational Behaviour chapter, with a particular emphasis on change management;
– boxes highlighting key concepts;
– the substantial Appendices section, providing a glossary, references, a list of additional resources for further content related to the topics covered and CA Exam content outline.

The book begins with the Canadian Health System chapter, as this is one of the largest sections on the CA Exam, and a critical area for all readers to understand. The order of the rest of the chapters has been carefully considered for readers who will progress through the content, as follows.

1. The Canadian Health System
2. Clinical and Health Services
3. Analysis and Evaluation
4. Information Management
5. Organization and Behavioural Management
6. Information Technology

About Updated CA Exam
The updated exam increases from 35 to 50 questions and covers several new/expanded content areas including change management, clinical content and eHealth safety. The CA Exam was revised as part of the regular updating process in alignment with the recent CPHIMS Exam update and changes in the refreshed HIP® Core Competencies 3.0. Candidates must pass both the CA Exam and CPHIMS Exam to earn their CPHIMS-CA. (See CPHIMS Review Guide.)