Webinar Wednesdays – Using Enabling Cloud-based Technology to Improve Access to Care

December 5, 2018 – Presented by John Sinclair, CPHIMS-CA – Learn how Novari Health is leveraging the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure to deploy enabling cloud-based access to care technology across the country to help facilitate and manage virtual care, eReferral, eConsult, central intake and surgical wait list management.

As an eHealth professional, Mr. Sinclair is a subject matter expert on access to care, patient flow, wait times, eReferral, central intake & eConsult technologies and solutions for patients queuing for healthcare services (surgical, mental health, addictions, diabetes, etc.). He has been the executive lead on a number of access to care IT solution projects at the individual hospital through to large regional implementations at the LHIN / health authority level. He has also acted as a speaker at healthcare conferences across Canada and internationally and as a university guest lecturer.

Mr. Sinclair joined Novari Health in 2006 as vice president and has been instrumental in Novari’s growth and in positioning the company as the national software leader in improving patient access to healthcare. With 29 years of management experience, he is a Certified Professional in Health Information Management Systems, with a proven record of building strong teams, delivering financial results and exceeding client expectations.