Webinar Wednesdays – Reclaiming the Health in Information Technology

February 20, 2019 – Dr. Laura Copeland, Healthtech – Can physicians be happy with their health information systems? Or is it a hopeless journey to burnout? Dr. Laura Copeland, CMIO of Healthtech and experienced leader of digital transformation, will take the audience on a journey through the following: 1. Positive news from the KLAS Arch Collaborative research on physician satisfaction 2. Reasons EMRs get a bad rap. 3. Her personal success in leading physicians through change at Humber River Hospital, with a case study in how creative education practices can improve adoption. 4. How to personalize the EMR to complement physician workflow and reach your goals. 5. Re-discovering identity after becoming digital and how practice changes. 6. the importance of clinical ownership of HIT, embracing it as the powerful new clinical tool to improve health outcomes. 7. Why we need a new medical informatics specialty in Canada.