Webinar Wednesdays – How the Hacking Health/Digital Health Canada Partnership Benefits You

January 30, 2019 – Presented by Mark Casselman, CEO, Digital Health Canada and Isabelle Vezina, Executive Director, Hacking Health – In late 2018, Digital Health Canada and Hacking Health formed a strategic partnership aimed at strengthening Canada’s digital health innovation ecosystem. Encompassing two of Canada’s foremost health innovation communities — Digital Health Canada connects digital health professionals as they work to advance healthcare through technology and Hacking Health brings together innovators and healthcare experts to build front-line healthcare solutions — the partnership will enable cross-sector stakeholders to form new connections and strengthen existing relationships as they work to create the future of health in Canada. This Webinar Wednesday outlines the benefits of the new partnership, including: Digital Health Canada Membership for Hacking Health volunteers and stakeholders; collaborative Community of Action Working Groups; broader networks for both Hacking Health stakeholders and Digital Health Canada Members; and greater variety of available professional events and health innovation collaboration.