Webinar Wednesday: Virtual Care and Diabetes

September 16, 2020 – Virtual Care and Diabetes: Supporting Patients During COVID and Beyond Dr. Brett Belchetz, CEO and Co-Founder of Maple on behalf of Abbott 

As the world continues to grapple with the impacts of COVID-19, Canadians now more than ever have been seeing and reaping the benefits of virtual care. Virtual care not only enables patients to have enhanced access to care, but it also amplifies their ability to play a role in managing their health and unlocking new potential in the continuity of their care.

Following the outset of COVID 19, virtual care is becoming a fundamental component of the management and treatment of chronic conditions. One example of a chronic condition that has benefitted immensely from virtual care, which is enabled by innovative technologies, is diabetes. The intersection between telemedicine and innovative diabetes technologies such as Flash Glucose Monitoring, can yield dependable, timely, and empowering data and ultimately inform rich conversations between healthcare providers and patients. This supports the continuity of diabetes care during COVID and beyond.